Friday, November 27, 2015

Wonder Tactics Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Hero Power-Up
Heroes can be Powered-up up to Power-up Lv. +5 and ihe Hero's stats will be increased by 10% with each level

Hero Evolution
You can select from Random Fixed Evolution!

Hero Transcendence
You can Transcend a Hero up to 5 times and the MAX level will be increased.

Hero Mastery
You'll get the Mastery Reward whenever you reach Hero Lv. 30

Trait Activation
Equip the required equipment and Gem to activate Traits!

Gem Power-Up
Power-up Gems to increase the property value

Power-up Bonus
You'll get a bonus for every 2 Power-up levels you increase

Equipment Power-Up
Power-up equipment to increase the property value

Secret Dungeon Attribute
The attribute of the Secret Dungeon changes daily

Tower of Treasures Reward
Various rewards are available from each floor of the Tower of Treasures

Multiple Victory Reward
You'll get a bonus reward whenever you win the opponent 7 and 10 times!

Ancient Fortress Reward
High grade equipment is available from the basement of the Ancient Fortress

Abandoned Mine Reward
High level Gems are available from the basement of the Abandoned Mine

Nest of Trials Reward
The kind of the Reward Box will change according 120 the boss's final level

Legendary Gem
The Gem will change into a Legendary Gem with a fixed chance when
Powered - up to Lv. 6 and will be granted bonus properties.

Manage Team
You can have up to 5 Heroes in a team including your friend's Hero and you can't add 2 Heroes of the same kind

You can summon Heroes to help out in the battlefield and complete various achievements.

You'll get bonus Crystals and Diamonds when you purchase Crystals

You can purchase special Items for a fixed time with Crystals and Diamonds

Others (Shop)
Energy can be purchased with Social Points and Crystals. Social Points is availabie from friends.

Fire Heroes are strong against Earth Heroes and are weak against Water Heroes.
Light Heroes and Dark Heroes are strong against each other.

Some Fire Heroes possess skills related to the Attack Power and HP.

Some Water Heroes possess skills related to healing and support attack.

Some Earth Heroes possess skills related to defense support defense and removing status effects.

Some Light Heroes possess skills related to counterattacks and offset effects.

Some Dark Heroes possess powerful skills related to critical attacks and status effects

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