Friday, November 27, 2015

Tap League Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Welcome to Tap League! In this world, you and your heroes will
battle against monster that may be familiar. You must not rest
until these foes have been vanquished! Tap League is free to play, but
you can purchase diamonds using real currency. Diamonds
can be used, for example,to end active skill cooldown periods
and purchase premium game perks that give you huge
advantages and help get you through the game.

Player, Active Skills
Your hero / player that you control by tapping on the screen to
attack ,also appears at the top of the Active Skills panel. This
is where you increase your tap damage by leveling up.You can
also name your hero whatever you want. There are 6 active
skills which are very powerful weapons to use strategically
against monsters. This is Where you increase their awesome
power by leveling up.

Hired Heroes Panel

This is where you will find all of your unique hired heroes, of
which there are 30 in total. Tap on their avatars to read a
which there are 30 in total. Tap on their avatars to read a
description of them, as well as to find out what specific
passive skills they possess. Leveling up your heroes
increases the damage done to monsters in battle, as well as
unlocks their passive skills. Each hero has 7 of them Heroes
will farm gold for you at the same speed, whether you are in
the game or offline. You are, just one time, able to evolve
heroes when they reach level 1 000. At this point of evolution,
your heroes‘ stats and passive skills will reset back to the
beginning, but they will gain huge power in terms of doing
damage to monsters in battle.

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