Friday, November 27, 2015

Cardinal Pixel Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

You can choose 5 heroes and 3 magics for each battle.
Roll a dice to activate skill or common a card in the battle.
The vanguards of the teams join the battle automatically.
The yellow line is a timer. Take action before it ends.

Each hero has 4 skills.
The dice result decides which skill can be used by your heroes.
When you got an ONE, you can draw a card after performing skill.
A card may summon a hero, or a magic.
You have to select a hero to perform skill when there are more than one hero,.

EXP and coins will help you on your road to glory.
There are different prizes in the boxes.
It spends you a key to open each treasure box.
If you won, you can choose 2 boxes.

Some skills may aim give effect on a random team or both teams, choose wisely.
The vanguard in any team cannot be eliminated, so your rival's skill was unable to activate.
Instant Prize gives you grand prize if you can get the Instant Number.

We need better heroes and magic cards in order to win the battles.
You can get heroes and magics in Card
You will receive some Swipe Points after drawing cards from the shop.
Swipe Point can be used for redeeming heroes for free.

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