Monday, November 2, 2015

Trivial Pursuit & Friends Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Duel Mode
In Duel Mode, you can challenge a single
friend or random stranger whose level is
similar to yours to answer 6 rounds of 3
questions each. Each player has a maximum
of 2 days to complete their turn before
automatically surrendering. The player who
wins the most rounds wins the challenge. Be
careful, though: The last two rounds are
worth more points!

Duel - Surrender
If you surrender a Duel automatically, the
victory will go to your opponent, and vice
versa. The Duel is then removed from your
list of matches in progress.

Blitz Mode
In Blitz Mode, you can challenge up to 3
friends or random strangers whose Blitz
rank is similar to yours (see Blitz Rank) in a
real-time round of 7 questions.

Blitz Rank
There are 5 Tiers in Ranked Blitz Mode
(against random opponents).
All Tiers except the Wood Tier require a
ticket to play.
You get a ticket for each victory.
The difficulty increases with each higher tier

Topics are periodic challenges where you can
win exclusive items and Titles. Answer as
many questions as you can correctly to
reach a high score and rank in the
leaderboard. You'll receive rewards for your
position on the leaderboard and for
completing milestones. Milestones are
unlocked when you reach a certain number
of total correct answers in a single Topic.

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