Monday, November 2, 2015

Dead Effect 2 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Invest in better armor to stay alive.
Find or buy better implants to improve
your combat efficiency. And always
have the best weapon available.

Epic armor sets have many interesting
abilities, but you will usually have to
equip Full set to get the advantage.
Check bonus shops For missing parts!

You will get 1 unlock and 2 skill points
For each level you gain. Unlock points
can be used to unlock new ability. Skill
points are used to upgrade the ability.

Don't forget to upgrade your weapons!
Level of the weapon can be increased
by buying various upgrades.

Using the paralyzer and abilities
consumes power. You can either wait,
or use disposable energy pack,
available in the weapon shop.

You don't have to wait for the special
ability to become available — all of them
can be unlocked for crystals.

Most of weapons, armor and implants
can be drastically improved with
upgrade modules. Check stores often.

Damage you're dealing to enemies
depends mostly on the level of your
weapon. Weapon level 5 is almost
useless against enemy level 10!
Upgrade or buy new weapons!

Unlocking and upgrading abilities
requires points that you gain For each
level. IF you don't have any unlock or
upgrade point, you can use crystals

Bonus part of the weapon offers
many useful single use items like
medkits or even boosts to your

All shops will offer new and better
weapons and items when you gain
level. Check shops often!

Don't Forget to sell unused or old
armor pieces, implants and upgrade
modules. Your inventory For these
items is limited!

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