Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Timing Hero Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Timing Hero Tip#1: Tap Sword to attack.
When you attack the enemy, it will receive damage based on your Damage Lv.6
Damage is the best upgrade in the game. It will give you more kills thus gaining more bounties to upgrade more stats.
Just attack the enemy if you can kill it with 3-5 strikes, otherwise you need to do something rather than mindlessly attacking.

Timing Hero Tip#2: Tap Up/Down/Left to Evade.
Enemy will strike at you at certain time and it depends on the enemy.
Each enemy attack has corresponding direction. You can successfully evade the attack if you time it well and make sure that the enemy's direction is not the same as yours.

Timing Hero Tip#3: Swipe to counter attack.
You can counter attack by swiping it to the right. Just make sure that when you swipe to the right, it will hit the enemy that is going to hit you also.
This will stun your enemy for a few seconds and you can attack the enemy while it is being stunned.

Timing Hero Tip#4: Tap icon below to use skill.
All character has different skills. Some characters can be unlocked through gems. Higher gem costs = More powerful skill.

Timing Hero Tip#5: Be careful! Boss can do a combo attack.
Boss can strike multiple times at fast rate so better dodge carefully and attack the boss after evading it's attacks.

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