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Tome of the Sun Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How do I get Gold Bars?
Besides in-app purchases, Gold bars may be obtained through a variety of ways. They can be collected from daily quest completion and events in all areas of the game, including PVP (player vs. player) and PVE (player vs. environment) areas of the game. They are also awarded by completing Daily Quest, and as weekly rewards from the Arena.

How do set effects work?
Each equipment is part of either a set of two or five. Completing a set of either will result in a special stat bonus to the daemon or your character that has them equipped. For example, since earthfury set are 4-set gears, having four of them will give a daemon additional 30% boost to attack.

What is "Raid" or "Raids x5"?
We understand low level farming is boring and repetitive. Players should better utilize their time by participating in different in-game events and feature. Raids give you a chance to instant finish the "S" or above dungeon by one tap. You will get same reward as if you completed it manually. And it can save you a lots of time by farming the same dungeon over and over again.How do I get "S" or above rating in dungeon?
When you complete the dungeon in a short time and avoid as much as damage taken for your daemon and hero will improve the overall dungeon rating.

How do I get "S" or above rating in dungeon?
When you complete the dungeon in a short time and avoid as much as damage taken for your daemon and hero will improve the overall dungeon rating.

I've got daemon X. Is it any good?
Any monster can be useful in certain circumstances, so there aren't really any daemons you can say are "no good". That being said, certain daemons are considered more highly by the community because they fulfill multiple roles and/or excel at certain areas. See our Community Resources page for more information on these monsters. If you can afford the time, try and experiment with each daemon, and see where it might be useful.

What are the best gear for monster X?
There is no best best setup for any monster.  Stats matching and Rune build are two main strategic elements in the game. It all depends on player strategy and monster role in a team, as well as circumstances. For Rune suggestions, please use individual monster pages.

Where can I get monster X?
Please refer to this page for a complete list of ways to get monsters. In general, you can get a epic/legend-daemon by using a Super Summon, although the odds are extremely small. You can also collect souls of the daemon by participating different in-game event

What are the best daemon for your class?
All of daemons have great abilities in them. In battle, all of the classes and daemon have an advantage over another, and a weakness against another. Building up a team by using different kinds of daemon combination to against your opponents.

What is promoting and evolving, and what is the difference?
Promoting is the process of using specific material, in order to give it a boost to stats, new talent pts and improved skills, and a new look. Evolving is the process of evolving to the next tier,when your daemon gets the full stats from promote, you will be able to evolve to the next tier. Evolving will give you the capability to keep promoting your current daemon, after legendary daemon, then your daemon reached the max promotion

What are daemon talents?
They are special passive skills which provide party wide buffs of some sort, such as increased attack or defense. They are only active when the monster is set as party leader (occupying the first slot in the party).

How do I increase monster talent levels?
To increase talent levels, you can evolve or promote a daemon by getting more talent pts to upgrade their talent. For example, you could use any type of Bear Cub to evolve or power-up the Bear King to increase your talent pts, and unlock the next tier of talent.

What is the chance of summoning an epic daemon?
For Super Summon, the summoning of an epic daemon has a 10% chance and legend daemon has a less than 1% chance.

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