Monday, November 30, 2015

Fishing Hook Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to Play and Tips

A gauge comes out when you pull down the button to the end, and you can do casting whenever you want to take your hand off.

The Hook sign to appear soon is a sign of fish biting.
Pull over the button when the sign appears in 3 seconds.

Adjust the tension by releasing and pulling it over.
The distance shortens quickly if you pull over for too long, and you will be able to catch a fish if the HP of fish or the distance equals 0.

If you reach the end of tension bar or fish goes away further than your fishing line, the line will cut so be careful.
The length of your line appears on the side of the fish icon.

If you push the pin to the place where arrow points the light goes on and you get Striking Buff.

If you wish to get more XP, select Release menu or if you wish to get Coins, select Sell menu.

A fish that you have caught at least once will be recorded in Collection.
Each time, you will receive rewards so please check it often.

If the fish goes far away than your fishing line the line will get cut.
If it is too hard, upgrade your equipment from Shop menu.

If you move on to different map or end the game, current chance for retry disappears so be careful.