Monday, November 30, 2015

Pocket Gothic Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Details
1. Collect Sign-in Days each month to win rewards.
2. When the reward icon shows "Double", you can collect double rewards if
you've reached the required VIP level.
3. Sign-in reward days are calculated at 0:00 each day.
4. The reward for each day must be collected before 0:00. Missed days and
rewards can't be made up!

You will get tons of Rewards when you do this Top 4 Events.

Event #1: 7 Days Reward
Cumulatively login for 7 days, you can get
amazing rewards!
Cumulatively login for 1 day to get Slayer 1!
Cumulatively login for 6 days to get the Boss summon stone!
Cumulatively login for 7 days to get a special!

Event #2: Purchase Reward
1st Time Purchase of $0.99 will receive the
Nicole's Blessing Pack worth $80!
Contains Companion Nicole, 1000 Red Diamonds, 30k Gold and a Unique Title!

Event #3: New Server
Login every day to collect special bonus rewards!
Cumulatively login for 3 days to collect 300 Red Diamonds!
Cumulatively login for 25 days to get the Rare Companion: Minotaur Chieftain
Get 500 Red Diamonds by leveling up to level 30!
Get 2800 Red Diamonds by leveling up to level 50!

Event #4: On-Time Rewards
Receive huge rewards for playing online!
The longer you stay online, the bigger the rewards!

Other Tips

Terra Warriors and Zombies can both take a ton of damage, but the 1st is weak to Physical Attack, and the 2nd is weak to Chi Attack.

When you Heroes‘ portraits light up in battle, tap the portrait to cast their Skills!

Heroes tap into special Hero Gifts when Promoted to certain levels. Tap the " I " when viewing Hero to get more details.

Dojo Rewards will be sent to your game Mail every day at 10 PM. Remember to collect yours!

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