Sunday, November 15, 2015

Temsa7 Army Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How does multiplayer work?
Temsa7 Army’s multiplayer mode lets you attack and visit bases that belong to other players playing the game. By attacking, you can raid their resources like money, coffee, and energy drink. This lets you build and upgrade your base much faster than by simply saving resources you collect from the Vaults and coffee storages … and is a lot of fun.

By winning battles, you stand to gain Badges. The more stars you get, the more Badges you win. If you lose the battle, you also lose Badges. Once you have enough Badges, you will be able to enter the League which will allow you to win even more resources in each battle!
How much damage is required to win a battle?
Destroying 50% of the base, or Command Center = 1 Star

Destroying 50% of the base + Command Center = 2 Star

Destroying everything (100%) = 3 Star
What are shields and how do they work?
Once you exit the game, your base is open to attacks from other players. After you’re offline, the shield will prevent other players from attacking you.

At the very start of the game, all players get a 3-day shield to prepare their base. After that, you can either buy shields for gems at the in-game shop, or use the free shields activated after being badly damaged in an attack. Depending on the extend of the damage, a shield will turn on, protecting your base for the next 12 or 16 hours.

Shields will automatically expire if you join the multiplayer game or visit another base using the ‘Revenge’ button.
How do I get revenge on someone who attacked me?
You can get revenge on someone who attacked you by using the Revenge option in your battle log. To access the battle log, tap on the envelope button on your Base screen. Then select the Defense Log tab and press Revenge.

There are a few things to keep in mind about revenge:

If the revenge button is not available, it means that the player revenge-attacked you, because you attacked them first

You cannot revenge a player who has a shield or is online. If that’s the case, try again later

If you have a shield, you will be reminded that you will lose your shield if you perform a revenge attack

It is possible that you get no badges for a revenge battle. Normally the matchmaking system would not match you up against that opponent, but the player still has the option to get revenge on you for attacking them, or vice versa. If you currently have a lot more budget than your opponent, the game might consider your victory as a given, and therefore not award any badges

Once you revenge a player, the revenge button will disappear because you cannot repeat a revenge

You will not receive a loot bonus after a successful revenge, even if you are in a league
Is there a safe zone around traps?
Unlike proper buildings, there is no ‘safe zone’ around decorations, bombs, hidden dart blowers, and quicksand traps.

Safe zones are the space appearing in white around buildings when you move them: no troop can be deployed inside this zone.

You need to consider carefully where to place your traps and decorations. If you place them outside your base or too far away from buildings or walls, they will create a gap and opponents will be able to deploy their troops right on top of them.

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