Monday, November 9, 2015

Lord of Heroes Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Top 11 Events that will give you Huge Rewards and Free Diamonds.

Event #1: Elite Battle
It's time to prove your strength to the Boss on an Elite Expedition.Ti1ey
promise DOUBLE DROPS if you beat them. and won't cost you extra vigor

Event #2: Trial's Day
Heroes in the Trials dungeons would like to test your strength.AII battles in
Trials will be available during this event.Can you win them all?

Event #3: Labors' Day
Let's make our slave busier today. Your slave will hand over you DOUBLE
REWARD during this event. If you have one, or more...

Event #4: Register & Bind
Finish account registration and email binding may get diamond

Event #5: Sign in
Sign in daily to get rewards. The more you sign in for the current month, the
bigger rewards you will get.

Event #6: Great Bonus for 1st Purchase
Purchase the following item to get bonus over 3x Diamonds

Event #7: New Server Bonus
Purchase Bonus: Purchase the specific item for the day.
Chicken Run: Escort Chick and get rewards.

Event #8: Level Up Gift
You will get rewards when you reach certain specific levels. The higher the level
the bigger the rewards are

Event #9: Daily Diamonds
You can enjoy diamonds every day up to 30 days when you purchase a pack.

Event #10: Level Fund
You can get Diamonds for free when you reach certain specific levels. The higher
the level the more Diamonds you will get.

Event #11: Value Pack
Make consecutive days of purchasing specific items to get rewards.

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