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Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Battle Introduction
The player selects one of the 4 Arthurs and participates in the battle (quest) with that Arthur.
Battle (quest) begins by partying up with 4 other players or NPCs.
(The party members must contain one Mercenary Arthur, one Merchant Arthur, one Thief Arthur, and one Bard Arthur.)
Once the enemy’s HP is reduced to 0, the battle is won. But if the Athur’s HP reaches to 0, then it is lost.

Deck Organization Info
"Deck Organization" refers to the Knight Card formation that the Arthurs use Decks can be organized in "Card" —> "Deck".

Deck Formation Screen
1. Selected Arthur
Displays the Arthur that will organize the deck. You can switch Arthurs by simply swiping left or right.

2. Arthur Parameter
Displays the Arthur parameter.
HP  — Hit Point. Lose when reduced to 0 in battles.
Physical Damage — Affects the Physical Damage skill effect.
Magic Damage — Affects the Magic Damage skill effect.
Heal — Affects Heal skill effect.

3. Deck Rank
Displays the power of the deck.

4. Fame
Displays the leader card's Fame.

5. Number of the Selected Deck
Displays the No. of the currently selected deck. Each Arthur can have up to 3 deck settings

6. Knight Cards Equipped to Deck
The Knight Card appointed as the leader can earn an effect that adds 150% parameter to the Arthur. N0 duplicate cards can be added to each deck.

7. Info Change
Changes the way the cards in the deck are displayed.

8. Lend
When turned ON, the deck can be lent out to friends.

Quest Info
Quests can be played by using an organized Knight Card deck

Quest Point
"Quest Point" is needed for each quest
Quest Points are recovered over time.

How to Start Quests
There are two types of quests: "So|o Quest" and "Mu|tip|ayer Quest‘

Solo Quest
To play, the player choses 3 NPCs as party members

Multiplayer Quest
Play with other players online.
There are two ways: ‘Recruit Party Members" and "Join Party"

[Recruit Party Members]
The player selects a dungeon and recruits party members.
Depending on the quest, "Quest Points" may be needed for recruiting party members.
The player who created the party becomes the "host" and can set the following for the party.

[Join Party]
The player selects a party that another player has formed to participate in the quest
"Quest Points" are not needed when joining a party.

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