Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sword of Chaos Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Sword of Chaos Tip#1: Enhance
1. Enhance requires gold, high quality gear
Enhance will require the Stone of Enhance &
Perfect Stone of Enhance as well.
2. Stone of Enhance can be combined into
Perfect Stone of Enhance by clicking on it.
3. 80% gold spent for Enhance will be refunded
when the Gear is decomposed.

Sword of Chaos Tip#2: Purify
1. Higher quality gear can purify more numbers
of attributes.
2. Attribute that is unlock will change it's types
and values during Purify.
3. Attribute that is locked will only change it's
value during Purify, and the chances of
increment are higher.
4. During Purify, required to consume more
Stone of Purify or Diamonds to lock more
attributes at the same time.

Sword of Chaos Tip#3: Inherit
1. Inherited target gear's level and quality are
greater than or equal to the material Gear,
parts must be the same.
2. After inherit, the Purify attribute of the
material gear will completely overlap the
attribute Purify of the target gear,and the Purify
attribute of the material gear will disappear.
3. Can only inherit gear's Purify attributes, it
consumes stone of Purify or diamond.

Sword of Chaos Tip#4: Upgrade
1, Decompose LV 20 and above gears to obtain
upgraded dust.
2. When Upgrade bar is full, gear's all attributes
will get bonuses.
3. Decompose upgraded gear to receive 80%
of upgraded dust.

Sword of Chaos Tip#5: Embed
1. Gems can only be embedded into the gem
slots, the higher quality of the gear, the more
gem slots available.
2. Each gear part is only allowed to embed one
type of gem.
3. Gems embedded in different gear parts will
produce different effects.
4. Embed and removal the gems are free.

Sword of Chaos Tip#6: Combine
1. Three low level gems with the same
color can be combined into one high level
gem with the same color.
2. Gems combination needs gold, the
higher the level of gems, the higher
the cost.

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