Thursday, November 5, 2015

GODLIKE Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

GODLIKE Tip#1: Offline battle and Upgrade
1.Offline battle is automatical.
2.When summoner log out, Offline battles will continue and get equips,coins and Exp.
You will gain all from the offline battle in the next time login.
3.The MAX of Offline battle are 24hrs.
When your bag is full, the afterward gains are automatically sold.
And you can also set the automatical selling certain quality Gears.
4.Except offline battle,you can challenge the boss.
Beat the boss and unlock the new map,you can gain higher quality equips,more experience and coins.

GODLIKE Tip#2: Hero Introduction
1. You can collect 10 hero shards and summon in the interface of Book.
2. Heros can increase Growth Rate by hero Upstar.
3. Heros can enhance the elementary attribute by hero Advance,and even more,
Evolve to learn new skills and special abilities.
3. Heros can level up and enhance attributes by Exp pills.
4.hero has its own skills.
The antagonistic relationship between the attacker and the attacked also have an effect on HIT of the probabilistic skills (eg. poison) and rounds of the debuffs.

GODLIKE Tip#3: Arena Introduction
1. There is the Arena Ranking.
The players can rise their ranking by challenging other high- ranking players.
The Arena awards give out at 21 :00 everyday.The higher ranking,the more awards.
2. You can also gain Credit from the Arena and use it to exchange rare items.
3. It is strength that counts in the the Arena.
Forget it if you're weak.So be strong and stronger!

GODLIKE Tip#4: Mall introduction
1.The items and heros in the Mall freely refresh every 6 hours daily.
2.Summoners buy Gears,items and hero shards by gold coins , diamonds or hero stones.
3.Sometimes the Mall is on sale!
4.When items are sold out,the Mall will refresh free!

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