Friday, November 6, 2015

LINE One Piece Treasure Cruise Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game


One Piece: Treasure Cruise is an RPG where you gather and build up a set of allies as you set sail on a grand adventure! You'll get to assemble your very own crew oi pirate fighters -- both friend and foe

You'll encounter battles on your adventure.
Battles are divided into rounds: beat all the foes facing your crew to advance to the next round.
Defeat the boss in the last round to complete the adventure.
Finishing an adventure can earn you Pirate EXP, Beli. and treasure.

Battle Touch Timing
Try to tap just when the sound-effect text bunches together in the middle!
The better your timing is. the stronger the attack!
You'll see how well you did with the "GOOD". "GREAT". and "PERFECT" display onscreen!

Battle Chains
Tap the character buttons at just the right time to build up a chain!
You'll keep the chain going as long as your attacks are "GOOD" or better!
Build a chain of "GREAT" attacks tor even more attack power!

Battle Turns
You'll go on to the next turn once all of your allies have attacked or you cancel the atlack midway.

Enemy Attacks
Enemies will aitack once the number above their heads reaches zero!

The characters in the game have different types!
STR is strong against DEX .
DEX against QCK. and QCK against STR!
PSY and INT are both weak against each other!

Type Slots
Types are picked at random in the slot display next to each character during battle.
If the type matches that character's attribute, their attacks will gain a power boost!

Restore HP
If you see a piece of "Meat" in the slot display. that's your chance to heal!
Tap the character to eat the meal and regain some HP!
* You can‘! eat the meal if you get a MISS or PERFECT.

Some characters can unleash special Tandem (TND) attacks if they're put together in battle!
These Tandem attacks can deal massive damage to our toes.
If you see the [TND] slot display appear. that's your big chance.

You can unleash Specials once an ally character's Special Gauge fills up!
Use them to gain a killer advantage during your adventure!
* Flick your finger across the screen when your character‘s gauge is filled and the Special button is lit up to unleash that character's Special.
Some Specials deal damage lo toes, while others make the battle easier for the whole party.
* Go to the [Character Box] page and open a character's details page to view their Specials.

Guest Captains
Guest Captains are other players that you can bring along on your own adventure!
Finish an adventure with a Guest Captain. and you'll be able to friend them. too.

Friend Captains
Once you befriend players. you'll be able to take them along on your adventures!

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