Saturday, November 7, 2015

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StormBorn: War of Legends Matchmaking Guide & Tips

StormBorn use a specific rating that takes into account all your wins/losses and assigns you a score that will put you against people of the relative same score. The second part of this rating is sorting them by buckets that are determined by your Stronghold Level. The system will generate a list of appropriate opponents that are close to your rating and fall in the same stronghold bucket. If there are no appropriate players the Stronghold level bucket will expand and you will see players at higher/lower strongholds until we build a list of targeted opponents.

Power and Trophies have no direct influence on the actual matchmaking. With that being said players should be matched against those in the same bucket which will have a good amount of variance in power but should have an upper/lower limit - a player that has a Stronghold of 5 should be more powerful than a player with a stronghold of 2.

Some Examples of what you could be seeing.
A player that does not actively participate in pvp (or stays under shield for a long period) may have a very high power but low matchmaking rating and trophy count.
A very active player especially one that always picks fights they can win will accelerate up in matchmaking placing them against harder and harder opponents until they are fighting in a rank that is appropriate for them or one that may prove very challenging.
The system wants to try to match you against fights you can win 50% of the time although we do add a bit of variance so players can test themselves in fights that may be difficult. As you stated earlier our population is currently very small and hopefully once it grows you will start seeing more and more appropriate fights, but again the more you win the more challenging the potential fights can get!

StormBorn will be heavily monitoring the quality of matchmaking as they ramp up in game population and will continually be tweaking how the rules work to hopefully streamline it and make sure everyone has a good time both when attacking and when building defenses!

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