Saturday, November 7, 2015

King's Command Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How do I add friends?
- The login bonus that can be verified when logging in to the game can be checked once more in the Attendance Book of the War room.

- Please make sure to check the 10-day login streak reward along with the daily rewards.

- However, login streaks are counted only when the user has logged in succession. After collecting the 1st day login and not logging in the next day and logging in 2 days afterwards, the user will receive the rewards for the 1st day again.

What are Goals?
- Goals is a system in which rewards are given according to the user's conditions and number of rounds the user has played.

- The achievement conditions are divided into Custom, Member and Contents, and better rewards are given as the player re-achieves their goals.

How do I check my ranking information?
- User rankings can be checked by clicking on the trophy icon in the lower side of the War room.

- The ranks of Realm and Strategy are divided into 7 tiers.

- In Strategy, Fame rises or falls according to the results of the Ranked battles, and when Fame points reaches 100, a promotion battle takes place.

- In Realm, the ranking points rise or falls according to the results of the deploy battles.

How do we check the Record number of the Realm Battle?
- Sometimes, result errors can occur after playing Realm battles, and GM may need to check the battle details.

- In these situations, we can give swift responses if you could provide us the Record numbers of the played battles.

- The Record numbers of Realm Battles can be checked in the Record menu (click the 'more info' icon in the very right side of each battle) - the Record number is the series of numbers right below the 'close window' button (i.e. 20151018_370).

Auto-production does not work on Strategy anymore.
- One hero can have up to 5 troops. When each hero already has 5 troops, the auto-production function will not spawn additional troops even when it is active.

- However, if the troops die, or more heroes are added, the auto-spawn function will function to fill the missing quota.

If another user attacks my territory in Realm Battle, will my buildings be destroyed? 
- No. If another user has attacked your territory during the Realm battle, the territory's buildings or units will not be destroyed.

- However, certain building equipment such as traps, are 1-use only, and will need to be repaired or replaced after being used once.

What's the difference between Strategy and Realm?
A) Strategy

Strategy is a content in which Real-time simulation battles can be fought, and the heroes and units are all controlled manually during the battle.

Strategy battles are live, users fight opponents by earning resources and stacking up building tech-trees to train troops.

B) Realm

Realm is a content in which users develop their territory to fight opponents in siege warfare.

Different troops and siege weapons can be created according to the development levels of the territory, and the user's territory can be attacked by other users when the user is not online.

In siege warfare, pre-placed troops automatically go to battle, and targets can be set by double clicking them.

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