Saturday, November 7, 2015

Football Clicker Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Kicking earns you points and cash. Keep earning cash until you can afford to level up your kicker.
You earn a big payout after each successful day of Training. Use this to level up your kicker.
Position players generate points and cash automatically. Earn more cash so you can draft a quarterback or other position.
View and upgrade a player's stats by tapping on their position box.

Continue earning points and upgrading players until you have finished every week's training. Sunday is game day!
Every Sunday is a game day, you will be matched with another player. Outscore your opponnent to continue on to next week.
If you won in a game day, your opponents are only getting tougher. Keep competing and you just might earn a spot in the playoffs!

Form a team to earn more cash! You can join an existing team or become a coach and invite your friends.
Defense wins championships. you can draft defensive players to limit your opponents offense.
If a player is being defended, you will se a red number next to their PPS. A strong defense can completely shut down an opponent's offense.
If you want to be an elite squad, you'll need a strong Playbook. You can now run plays to improve your offense and defense!
If a defender overpowers an offensive player, 50% of any spillover counts against the team's over all PPS.

Sometimes you will have the option to earn bonus items by watching a video.
Over time you can purchase new balls and upgrades for your stadium.
Visit the Shop any time to earn special bonuses!
To maximize performance you must have a balanced team. Draft Players, build your defense and upgrade under-leveled teammates.
Occasionally you will have a chance to watch a training video to earn tons of cash and diamonds!