Thursday, November 26, 2015

Rush N Krush Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Game Guide
What is Rush N Krush?

Rush N Krush is a 3D racing game that comes in explosive pack action where you start as a rookie driver, set up and customize your car to compete with other drivers who are battling out to become the king of the road. It includes more exciting features that you cannot stop playing once you start!
Quick Driving Lessons

Basic controls:
1. Camera: shows different angle or camera view of the gameplay.
2. Pause: lets you pause for a while and return to the game.
3. Directional Left and Right button: changing direction from left to right or vice versa.
4. Jump: Lets your car jump when passing obstacle, dodging incoming objects or jumping over the cars.
Race and rush through cars!

Rush Combos
Swiftly switch lanes before your car may crash into another car and you will gain boost in a speed.
The higher and consecutive Rush Combos you will get during the race the higher the score.

You may also get Booster item to fling all obstacles out of the way!
Random Box

Get useful items in the races from the random box.
These items will help you to race more further and boost your car speed.

You may also get Booster item to fling all obstacles out of the way!

Fever – It can turn your speed into higher rate to burst more torque on the road.

When the meter is full, you can tap Fever to increase speed.

Each car has different skill. You can check them out in collections of cars.

Tap the Skill button to activate your car's ability. Skill can be useful when competing to the BAD racers.

Reach every checkpoint to refuel your car. Checkpoint can be view from your left screen.

Lets get on the ramp to jump!
Short boost of speed will activate if you get and jump on the Ramp in the exact timing.

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