Thursday, November 26, 2015

Coin Op Heroes 2 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Grow and train an army to conquer Coin-Op Realms and restore peace to the kingdom.

Hire and control special heroes to attack your foes with an array of devastating special attacks.

Coin-Op Heroes 2 is a free to play game, but you can purchase gems using real
Spend these gems on gold and damage perks to help you to unlock new heroes and upgrade your army.

Controls and Player Army
Tapping on the screen causes your hero to attack a nearby opponent.
Your army will attack automatically, even while you're not playing the game.
Hit the special attack button in the lower right corner to activate your hero's special ability.

Your army is made up of your hero, and up to 4 battalions.
You can assign these in the troop screen in the main menu.
Look out for combinations of troops that work well together and provide additional bonuses!

You can unlock and upgrade your heroes and their special moves on the Hero screen in the main menu.
Special moves level up automatically with your hero level and become more powerful.

The World
You progress through the game via the map, accessible through the main menu.
Once you have enough gold you can unlock a new level and travel to it.
The first battle on a new level is always a boss who is imprisoned by Death Stalker.
Defeat the boss and you will free that troop to fight for your own army.

Conquer all of the levels to reach Death Stalker! On defeating Death Stalker you earn weapons to further improve your troops.
The game will then prestige and you can play through again with stronger troops.
Your total time to play through the game and defeat Death Stalker is your leaderboard score. Conquer the world in the fastest time to become the best Coin-Op Hero in the world!

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