Monday, November 30, 2015

Emperor Legend Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Emperor Legend server 2 opening has begun, with tons of events and prizes waiting for you!

1. Grand Opening (7 Days)
Event Details: Free gifts for the first Y days ofthe new server! Level-up, complete Legends, upgrade gear, raise your Power, and earn special
rewards just for playing!

2. Gold Fund (Get 10,000 ingots)
Event Details: Buy 1 Gold Fund and collect a total of 10x the ingots! Once a set number of players on this sewer have purchased it, all will reap the rewards.
Reward: Levels 10-60 can collect a total of 10,000 ingots, and when the total purchasers reaches the required amount, they'll get an additional 6500 ingots and tons of items (worth a total of 10k more ingots).

3. Lotto Wheel (Win ingots)
Event Details: For the first 7 days of the new sewer, access a temporary " Lotto Wheel, " where you can play and win ingots.

4. Purchase Gift (Buy 60 ingots for a huge gift!)
Event Details: Purchase a total of 60 ingots to get an incredibly valuable special gift!
Reward: ingots x300; Coins x150,000; Blazing - Gourd x1; Heavy Sword - Weapon x1

5.VIP Chests
Event Details: VIP players can get 1 VIP login chest each day. The higher your VIP level, the better the chest!
Reminder: You can only get 1 VIP chest per day. lfyou raise your VIP level after collecting your chest, you'll have to wait forthe next day to get a chest for your new level.

6.VlP Treasure
Event Details: VIP players can spend a tiny amount of ingots to get special
Treasure Packs. You can only get 1 of each pack, so don't miss out!
Rewards: V1 - V12 Treasure Packs

7. Daily Sign-In (Free ingots, Items)
Event Details: Sign-In each day to get a Sign-In Pack.
Rewards: ingots, Coins, Gear Packs, Materials Packs, Iron, Soul Gems,
Warrior Scrolls, Drumsticks

8. Level-up Pack (Free Heroes, Gear)
Event Details: Collect special gift packs for raising your Player Level.
Rewards: Shen Soul Shards, Gear, Materials

9. Login Reward (Free Heroes)
Event Details: Rack up login days to get varied and rich login rewards (30 continuous days)
Rewards: Rack up 7 days to get an awesome Hero, as well as different item rewards each day.

10. Total Purchase (Get ShangYu & Master Shards)
Event Details: If your total purchase reaches a certain amount, you'll earn a corresponding reward!
Rewards: Soul Shards for super-strong Shang Yu and Player Hero; Gear; all kinds of items

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