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Nexon HIT Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Adventure Guide for Nexon's Heroes of Incredible Tales

There is an adventure area where more specific rewards can be earned.
' There are three bonus areas: GOLD, EXP, and ITEM.
' In bonus areas, you consume more Adventure Points than normal adventure areas.
' More Gold can be earned in GOLD areas.
' More EXP can be earned in EXP areas.
' Higher grade items can be earned in ITEM areas.

You need Adventure Points for the Adventure and the Sanctuary.
' Points used to play the Adventure and the Sanctuary.
' In Sanctuaries, resurrection requires Adventure Points instead of Gems
' Your Maximum Adventure Point amount increases as you level up.
' 1 Adventure Point is recharged every 5 minutes.

Collect Stars to earn Great rewards.
' You will be rewarded according to the number of Stars gained in an adventure area.
' You can gain 1 to 3 Stars in an adventure area, depending upon your completion time.
' For every set amount, you will receive an Equipment ticket.

There are Powerful Bosses in every area.
' An area boss appears at the end of each adventure area.
' An area boss has more HP and Attack than a normal boss.
' You can proceed to the next area once an area boss has been defeated, which may unlock new contents as well.
' Defeating the Area 6 Boss unlocks the ‘Normal Difficulty Sanctuary’, while defeating the Area 12 Boss unlocks the ‘Hard Difficulty Sanctuary‘.

Check the Difficulty based on your capabilities.
' You can check the difficulty of adventure areas.
' Recommended Attack and Defense values for each adventure area are given
' Your character's Attack and Defense will be compared to that of recommended Attack and Defense values to denote the difficulty. (Easy, Normal, and Hard}

You can level up faster by using Boost Items.
' You can receive even more Completion Rewards in adventure areas by using Boost Items.
' There are three types: ‘Item Boost’, ‘Gold Boost‘, and ‘EXP Boost‘.
' All three Boosts can be used in an area.
' Boost Items apply when using Instant Complete.

You can conveniently Level up by using Auto Skill.
' Skills can be used automatically when an adventure area is played through Auto Battle.
' If you use an Auto Skill item before entering an adventure area, you will fight automatically using skills.
' Auto Skill items can be purchased with Gold.

You can Level up faster by using Instant Complete Tickets.
' You can earn the completion rewards (items, Gold, and EXP} without actually playing an adventure area .
' Instant Complete can only be used where an adventure area is completed with 3 Stars.
' There are two types of Instant Completion Tickets: Ticket x1 and x5 The area will be completed by the same number of the completion ticket.
' The same amount of Adventure Points is consumed for the use of Instant Complete as entering an adventure area.

You can repeatedly earn rewards for completing a previously completed adventure area.
' You can receive special rewards for completing the same adventure area 5 times.
' Initial reward will be received in Gems, and subsequently in Gold.
' The number of completions will not be reset even if you play other areas.

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