Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Futurama Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How do I swap drones?
Simply swipe from one drone to another. To successfully swap, 4 drones of the same color must be connected as a result.

What do I have to do in this game?
There are many different objectives to complete in Futurama:
Collection levels can be completed by matching a certain number of colored drones.
Obstacle levels can be completed by clearing obstacles such as toxic waste pools, Spiderian webs, or Momazon Primo boxes on the board.
In pizza delivery levels, you need to bring the required number of pizza boxes to the bottom of the board.

What is my companion, what does it do and how is it charged?
Your companion is the character and helper in every level. It is charged by matching drones... and it has super powers! Up to level 25, it’s Fry using his powers to collect drones from the board. After level 25, you will play with Zapp and his blaster up to level 50. Companions and powers evolve every 25 levels.

How do I create Super Drones and what do they do?
There are 3 types of Super Drones:
A match of 5 drones creates a Line Drone that can be swapped to clear entire vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines.
A match of 6 colors creates a Bomb Drone that can clear all surrounding drones.
A match of 7 colors creates a Drone Manager Drone that collects all drones of the color it is swapped with.

How do I create Ultra Drones and what do they do?
When 2 Super Drones fall next to each other, they form a Super-Duper Drone. There are 6 different Super-Duper Drones. Play around to find out what each of them is doing. They are super powerful!

How do lives work?
You have a maximum of 5 lives. You only lose a life if you do not successfully finish a level. Each life is renewed after 30 minutes and you can get more lives by asking your friends or using bucks to buy them.

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