Thursday, November 26, 2015

EDEN Avalon Legends Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Earn XP through Quests & Dungeons to LEVEL UP your character which unlocks new game features and makes your character more powerful!

Tap the Auto/Attack button in the bottom left to enable auto-play.
Tap the Skills button in the right to unleash Heroic Skills!
Swipe across the screen to Dash out of danger
Use Potions to recover your Health. You are given nine potions per dungeon

Clear all the monsters as quick as possible
Got Rank S and unlock reward packs! ‘
Earn Stars and Gold from Dungeon to upgrade your Skills
Combine different skills to vary your combat style and Dominate on the Battle field!
More stat types ail be available for you to train what you level up!
Use Spirit to level up your vital stats
Remember, your training level can't exceed your character's ‘ level Be sure to train your stats every time you level up to maximize your power!

Spend Gold to give each of Gear Slots a permanent stat upgrade.
Stat bonuses apply regardless of what items you equip.
Your Talisman level can 't exceed your  character's level. You know what to do.

Your Pet is your most loyal battle companion. It fights aside of you on the battlefield and earns XP through out the battle.
There are tons of different Pets for you to collect in Avalon.
Collect skill books to teach your pets additional skills to further aid you during battle.

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