Monday, November 9, 2015

Crisis Action SEA Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Crisis Action SEA Guide and Gift/Promo Codes

You'll get Gold and Honor as rewards for completing mission.
You can enjoy Multiplayer at any time. It is recommended that you practice in the Robot stage. You can get Diamonds after you complete it for the first time.
From Lottery, you can obtain permanent firearms, permanent firearm fragments, permanent rare characters and so on. You can thus quickly enhance your fighting capacity. Top Super Armoment.
From Lottery, you can get Fragments that can be used to combine and enhance firearms. You can enjoy free purchases every day. VIPs can also enjoy free Diamond purchases.

Check the shop. Reasonably use the free purchase chances in Lottery to get suitable weapons and gear. It may help you win more.
Pack Codes of the same type can only be used once. You'll receive the rewards after the Pack Code is used;
you will not be able to use it again.

The higher the enemy's gear star level, the more Honor that can be looted from killing him when the Honor Kill Bar is filled. Don't let enemies equipped with superb gear off easily.
Become a VIP to obtain tons of Diamonds Enh Pts. Gold on EXP Bonus and Unlimited Honor from bottles.
The Lucky Wheel grants 100 credits for each spin. Credits can be exchanged for most of the rewards in the Lucky Wheel

Gift Code: None so far (11/9/2015)
This message below are from Crisis Action SEA Facebook Page
"We are so sorry that there are no newbie packs for the moment, but we will provide your suggestion to the related department for discussing. Maybe it will be released in the activities in the future, and we wish you could follow us continuously to get the news. Thank you."
You can visit there Facebook Page to get codes if it is available or I will post it here.

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