Monday, November 16, 2015

Heroes Invincible Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Top 10 Event Guides

Event 1: Login prize everyday!
How to get: Extra bonus on prizes and virtual treasures are just for you in seven days before creating your hero
Login in first seven days to get Rare hero * King of Banshee*
Attention: Please go to the " Events 1 category and
click Login on seventh day" to get the bonus after log in.
Period: Seven days before creating your hero

Event 2: Get Rare Hero and Legend item in your first Top-up on game.
How to get: Get the Hero '*'Demon Hunter" and "Purple weapon" in your first Top-up of any amount then boost your combatant power!

Event 3: Get the double coins just by Top-up!
How to get: If you buy every 6 kinds of gifts bags in "Treasure" (each bag is limited to buy once), then you will gain 6 chances to double your coins in game.
Attention: You can go “Treasure; in the upper left corner
to check the selling items for game, and the free coins will automatically add into your account but not count in VIP calculation.

Event 4: The HOTTEST prize by Top-up in limited time!
Attention: After finishing the accumulation of Top-up, please go to "Events" category and click on "Purchase Super Reward" to get your prize.

Event 5: Exploring the wasteland to win the big prize!
How to play: Start the war, and be the hero to save the world! If you reach the specific level in games every day you will get the exclusive gifts for you.
Attention: Please go to ‘"Events" category and click on "Newbies LV Up" to accept your gift.

Event 6: Standing on the top of the world to be the king of the war!
How to get: Who wants to be the kind of this world? You are the only choice! Login to the competition arena, the first 500 players can have the trophies on 19:00 every day!
Event period: Nov. 9, 12:00 ~ Nov. 12, 12:00 (GMT+8)

Event 7: Lucky slots machine!
How to play: The luckiest slots machine ever! Winning more coins than you bet!
Attention: Please go to "Events" and click on "Slot"

Event 8: The league of heroes!
How to get: Legion your legendary troop and meet the condition of "Collecting Heroes" in the active period to get your honorable prize.
Attention: Please go to "Events" and click on "Heroes collection"

Event 9: Duplicating your perfect hero!!
How to play: The mysterious altar with powerful energy to refine the soul of your hero and to be the raising star!
Event period: Nov. 13, 12:00 ~ Nov. 17, 12:00 (G MT+8)

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