Monday, November 16, 2015

Dark Ares Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Top 8 Event Guides

Celebration Events for Dark Ares -- Free gift!
With 3D Unity, Dark Ares provides you marvelous action sense. Epic graphic mix with western magic story, in the darkness, you will be the one selected to change the disastrous situation.
Take your weapon and join the battles!

Event 1: Diamond Rebate for 1st Topup
When you first top-up the following amount of diamonds, you will get more than 50% rebate!

Event 2: Top-up bonus!
More diamonds, Azure Wing and Dark Gold ring are all for first Top-up! More than 100% you get!

Event 3: Login bonus
Login everyday, bonus every day! When you login at the 7th day, you can claim pet and Dark Gold weapon or other rare pets! With them, you will have incredible attribute bonus! Moreover, Dark Gold can improve itself with your role upgrading!

Event 4: Newbie Go Go Go!
Dark Ares helps you grow up! When you reach level 20, you will get a big gift, including a pack of diamonds, 10000*Golds, 100*Gem Shards and other rare items.

Event 5: Leveling Pack
When you reach level 35,40,45,50,55,60,you will get a precious leveling pack For Free in the Mall.Don't miss it out!

Event 6: Limited Newbie Value Pack
It only takes 99 Diamonds to get a super bargain.One step ahead,you 'll be stronger.

Event 7: Lucky Wheel
In the event interface, we prepare Lucky Wheel for you. Of course with abundant gifts!
1. You just need to pay 18 diamonds, you have 100% chance to get more than 18 diamonds items.
2. The higher vip you are, the more chances you get.
3. When players in the server joined, the bonus will increase. The one who get the big prize can gain a certain amount from the bonus. Which means, the more players join, the more bonus you will get.

Event 8: Elf Blessing
Free times to get Stamina, helping to upgrade faster.

More ways to upgrade yourselves
+ Upgrade equipment to improve BP.
+ Wings to strengthen your power and show off glowing effects.
+ Enhancement to increase your hero's attributes.
+ Dragon tune Runes with wishing button to increase your BP.