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Heroes Wanted Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Squad of mercenary
You can use squad's skills and have a privilege according to a grade of squad.
Each squad has an activity rate,
If your activity rate become 100%, You could promote to next mercenary grade
Squad Privilege
— Increase of rank according to an mercenary's grade
— Increase of reward
— Achievement of the mercenary skills
— It is possible to achieve the higher grade of Rune in bounty

Squad's skills
You receive skills of mercenary according to an grade of mercenary.
You could verify or set the skill of mercenary at [Manage],
you could select the wanted skill of mercenary or do Skill Level UP through the [Skill Change] button.
*You could upgrade mercenary skill level for a gold.

Property of mercenary and compatibility
The Mercenary has five elements of forest, water, fire, dark, light.
Each elements has relationship of compatibility.
And according to the relationship of compatibility, you could cause more damage
Compatibility is [Water] > [Fire] > [Forest] > [Water],
[Light] is strong against [Water, Fire, Forest] and weak against [dark],
[Dark] is strong against [Light].
* [Water, Fire, Forest] and [Dark] has not relationship of compatibility.

How to upgrade the mercenary
The mercenary can upgrade by using the [Sage Fruit]. (Maximum +5 upgrade)
*The higher grade of sage fruit can achieve the more EXP of upgrade.
If you upgrade, the capacity of mercenary is more stronger,
In case of maximum upgrade, The mercenary of max level can upgrades the higher grade.
Measures of upgrading mercenary
screen of lobby > Manage > Select the upgrading mercenary > Touch the upgrade button > use the sage fruit
*You can use the sage fruits up to 5 at a time.

How to evolve the mercenary
If the mercenary reaches the max level, you could upgrade the grade through using the maximum upgrade(+5).
In evolution, 3 mercenary are needed as same grade of base mercenary,
after the evolution, it is initialized to level 1.
However, in case of mercenary of ingredient, you don't need to upgrade the level and upgra de figure.
ex) evolution of *three—star mercenary to -A-four-star mercenary
1. use of base as Max Level and +5 upgraded three—star mercenary
2. use of ingredients as 3 three-star mercenary same grade base mercenary regardless of level, upgrade figure
3. Evolution to -A-four—star mercenary (Upon evolving to Lvl, +0 upgrade apply)

What is Rune?
Rune can be equipped to mercenary's rune slot,
Upon equipping ability of each rune is added.
According to a property, rune is equipped to ‘l slot.
And you can upgrade up to maximum +10 by consuming the some gold.
*Ancient rune can be equipped after opening the slot through awakening.
*Equipped rune can relieved after consuming some jewel.
*Be careful that another rune is equipped to slot, it remove the previous rune

The method of upgrading rune
Rune can be upgraded for using gold.
Rune can be upgraded up to +10,
And Rune's level of upgrading increase, also ability of rune increase.
*Upgrading the rune has possibility of success or failure at constant odds.
*Even though you fail to upgrade the rune, Level of upgrade will not decrease.
 *In the high grade, basic ability is higer, when you upgrade it, the ability increases more

Elemental Shards
The Elemental Shards are items that summonn3 to 5-
star mercenaries when fused together.
The Shards summon mercenaries of the same properties.
Elemental shards can be received at bounty missions(ADVENTURE, RAID)
The Shards are found abundantly in high-grade Bounties and Raids.

How to grow the skills
In process of grow or evolution, regardless of elements,
You can upgrade base mercenary's skill by using the ingredient as same species of mercenary.
Grow skill of possessing skills is decided randomly,
And according to each type, maximum level could differently applied.

What is bounty?
You receive the reward for clearing a received bounty mission.
Bounty has a diverse game mode.
- ADVENTURE : A normal type of adventure play.
GOLD RUSH : With limited time, the objective is to protect the summons portal against wav e of enemies.
- RAID : Maximum 9 mercenaries including friend counter against giant boss The higher your Squad Grade, the higher-leveled Bounty missions you can find.

Method of using PvP
PvP is a fight to someone else's mercenary.
When first enter to PvP, You can select the mercenary of PvP team,
And You can select double PvP mercenary to story mode mercenary.
PvP ranking take opponent's ranking if you won the battle.
Through ranking, you can receive the daily rewards and weekend rewards.
*PvP consume the red thunder, you have free 5 times of participation per 1 day
*If you consume free participation, you could use the PvP by paying the jewel.
*PvP is available from more than Level 10.

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