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Peanuts: Snoopy's Town Tale Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Top 10 Tips

1 . Upgrade your inventory
The inventory has a limited capacity to store all the items you collect in
the game. It can get quickly full, but you have the ability to upgrade its
capacity multiple times so you can stock more items and therefore earns
more cents by completing more orders.
To access your inventory, tap on the Menu button located on the bottom
right corner of the screen. then on the inventory button (blue backpack)
You can upgrade it by providing the Item required then tapping on the
Upgrade button. or paying directly in Dollars if you want to skip this.

2. Complete Special orders
Special orders are a time-limited type of orders, which will reward you
with cents and XP if you complete them on time! By completing these
special orders, you progress much faster through the gameplay.
Special orders require uncommon crafted items or a large amount of
common items to be completed. Plan ahead by storing these items in
your inventory!

3. Build the character's houses
When you build a character's house, you simultaneously unlock the
character attached to it.
By unlocking this character, you will get access to more animated
missions involving him or her, plus often other characters as well.
Characters Houses produce cents, so the more you place on the map,
the more cents you can collect on a daily basis.
As you progress through the game and level up or unlock new zones of
the town. the more characters will become available.

4. Always pay attention to the awards
Inside the game you can find Awards, they are located under the Menu
(bottom right corner}. By completing the conditions, you will earn the
corresponding rewards. Most awards will grant you Dollars so... What
are you waiting tor, go to complete them!
Tap on this Award button and claim your reward. The awards will give
you plenty of cents, vouchers and Dollars to help you progress!

5. Unlock zones with a craft station
Your higher priority in the game should be to unlock zone which access
to one of the different craft stations. How to find these‘? lt’s relatively
easy, they have a building looking like a laboratory or a workshop.
Orders are changing according to your current level in the game.
As you progress and level up, the orders will require newer items to be
completed. and these will are available only from the new craft stations
located in new zones of the town.

6. Play scene with all the characters selected
When you play a scene, you should assign as many characters as
possible to increase your chance of earning bigger rewards. Each time
you add a character in a scene. you will increase your chance to get the
special item and also you will obtain more Cents & XP.
By placing all characters involved in the scene, you get 100% chance of
earning the maximum rewards, including a very rare item!

7. Go social and get dollars for free
Friends can be helpful! First, you need to connect your Facebook
account to the game, so you can save your progression online on our
servers and also sync with your friends. To connect to Facebook, tap on
the Menu button at the bottom right corner of the screen then on the
Social button. Select the “Connect” option.
Once you are connected, you can visit Charlie, your good old friend and
any of your Facebook friends who is also playing the game, to do so just
tap on the “Visit“ button under them
The game will load the town of your friend and you can tap up to 3x
times per day to collect free Cents and Dollars. The more friends you
have, the more rewards you can collect every 24 hours. So add your
friends and come back often to earn more!

8. Keep crafting
One of the main actions in the game is to craft items. Crafting items
continuously is helpful as it will reduce the amount of items stored in your
Inventory (consuming most common items to make uncommon or rare
ones], which you can then sell in the Want Ads to earn more Cents.

9. Want ads
The “Want Ads” building is the best place in the game to earn Cents
and XP easily.
Here are 3 major tips you need to know about it:
First, you should be careful what you are going to sell, for example, an
item require to unlock an area and instead of using it to extend your map
you sold it. That means you will have to perform again the same action
in order to get back this item a second time.

10. Plan your actions wisely
Pay attention to the different actions you can perform with your
characters and how long each action takes. Before going to sleep, make
sure your characters start long—term actions and you will receive bigger
rewards when you reopen the game in the morning.
During the day, choose shorter actions, so they will be completed when
you come back a few hours later.

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