Monday, November 30, 2015

1944 Burning Bridges Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Your goal is to capture the enemy depot in the village nearby
After selecting a Unit, you will see additional information like fuel or ammunition.
Each move costs action points which vary depending on the unit and terrain. You can move a unit multiple times if it still has action points left.
Attacked units automatically return fire once per turn. Mg-nests and bunkers counter fire even when allied units are attacked.

Destroying a unit awards you with a small amount of gold that you can use for buying new units or using abilities.
Most units have strengths and weaknesses. The storm troopers for example are good against infantry, but ineffective against armored targets.
You can use the earned gold to heal the wounded friendly units.
Use "Instant Resupply" to resupply a unit anytime and anywhere.

Supply trucks are very agile, but will be easily destroyed by attacks. So move them carefully!
Every Unit has special abilities that can help you in various situations. One of them is the "Fortify" ability.
Fortified units get a defensive boost that lasts until the unit moves.
Transporters are utility units that can carry units over large distances. Move it into the city and unload the reinforcements.
A transporter can't attack, but you can upgrade it into a mobile anti-air or mg-truck. Upgrade it for battle!
Camouflaged units are invisible as long as they don't attack or have enemies standing next to them. Infantry can even move while camouflaged.
Anti-Air guns can only attack flying units, but vital in every battle with enemy airplanes.

Engineers are specialized in building and repairing units as well as handling land mines. This makes them a perfect unit for defense.
Engineers use their resources to pay for most of their abilities.
The engineer can build three kinds of units: an mg-nest, a tank barrier and barbed wire.
Built mg-nests are always neutral and only camouflaged if the enemy hasn't seen you building it.

Planes are only able to fly for a few turns. If you don't move them back to your airfield to supply, they will crash! You can also use "Instant Resupply" for supplying.
Your units will automatically stop moving when an enemy is discovered. Move the plane in attack range.

Bridges can only be repaired by engineers.
Repairing a bridge is different from repairing other units. As the bridge is massive, it will take all action points the engineer has left.

The mortar unit can use an area of effect attack that hits multiple enemies at once.
Activate the attack button to enter target mode and choose the tile for the attack. There is no friendly fire.
Area of effect attacks will not provoke a counterattack. You can weaken enemies without taking damage before finishing them off with other units.

Tank destroyers have more attack range than other tanks, which allows them to attack without getting damaged.
The damage they deal to tanks is exceptional, but against infantry their power is lackluster. Always utilize the strength of you units.

Global abilities can be activated anytime and are a key factor to win close battles. But you can only use each ability once per turn.
The airstrike is a very powerful ability, but it will get more expensive after each use. Choose wisely when to use it. Call for an airstrike to destroy the tanks.

Transport planes can move units quickly over the battlefield, but can only be loaded when they are on the ground.
They are very vulnerable, but their mobility is unmatched.
Using the "Rubber boat" ability is a good way to surprise the enemy or get out of tricky situations.
Mortars have the ability to cover a large area with smoke. Perfect for taking the enemy vision and cover our tracks.
The engineer can instantly destroy our bridges. Don't be thoughtless when deciding to use this ability, repairing a bridge takes a lot of time.