Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dungeon Crash Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Recommendation Campaign Line Up
Warriors:Franks & Artorius
Mages:Amaterasu & Venus
Priests:Drake & Morrigan
Reason for recommendation: Double Warrior-Healing Priests with Drake's addition to defence and Morrigan's addtion to Strength makes your warrior a superman.Amaterasu and Venus can make huge AOE damages.Franks can reduce defence which help you to push down bosses easily!

Event Guide
Event 1: 7 Days Login
When you login to the games everyday, you will get a very special and favorable rewards, and when you log in continuously in 7 days, you will get a free powerful weapon!
Event 2: First Recharge
For the first recharge, we will rewards you a hero with the Legendary Hero (Shiva or Venus).
Recharge 5000 diamonds to get Mythical Hero (Newton or Athena)
Also, there will be an extra Luxury Gear Set reward for you!
Event 3: Investment
It is able for the player who already reach the VIP2 or above after investing 1000 diamonds. When the players reach the same level, they are able to collect the diamonds back as a rewards, and it's maximum is 5000 diamonds. When the number of players of the investing is reaching the target, we will also got you something fantastic!
If the target players of the investing is reaching a certain numbers, another rewards will be yours!
Event 4: Recharge
During the events, reach up to certain amount of accumulated recharge to get stamina.
Event 5: VIP Gift
During the event period, reach VIP 8 or above to claim the rewards! Player can also use a discounted price to buy the gift pack. Legendary Gears are waiting for you!
Event 6: 50% OFF
During the event, there will be 2 item on sale! Buy one item and the second item you will get a 50% off!
Event 7: Upgrade Rewards
Reach up to a certain level to get rewards.
Event 8: Luxury Recruit
Accumulate the numbers of Luxury Recruit to get bountiful gold rewards!

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