Wednesday, November 18, 2015

League of War: Mercenaries Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

League of War: Mercenaries Guide

Battles are won by deploying Units onto the battlefield to destroy the enemy base.

Deploying a Unit costs Deploy Credits, which are generated during battle.
When you have enough credits to deploy a Unit, its deploy button will POP UP.

Remember, each Unit has a Deploy Cost.
Save up your Deploy Credits during battle to deploy more powerful Units.

You can deploy your Units faster if you speed up generation of your Deploy Credits.

When you have enough Deploy Credits to speed up your Credit Generation, the Speed Up tab will pop up.
Tapping it will increase the speed at which your Deploy
Credits are generated.

This is the heart of combat strategy - Deploy a Unit, or speed up your Credit Generation?
Make your Choice.

League of War headquarters is where you can manufacture new Units and build up your Squads for battle.
It is also where you will generate precious Resources, which are essential in manufacturing and research.
Build up your HQ, and your Squads will dominate the battlefield!

Each Blueprint requires a mix of Resources and Tech to begin the manufacturing process.

Since time is of the essence, you can use a Time Booster to hurry things along

Return to the Machine Shop whenever you get a new Blueprint, or want to manufacture a new Unit from an existing Blueprint.
Flnd don't forget to collect more Resources and Tech they're the keys to building more Units!

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