Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Clash Of Gods Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to increase your battle rating?
-Fuse your cards. Every time upgrade your card the attribute will get promote a lot, with 3 same level cards as oblation, and consume a bit of essence.
-Add ally for each of your heroes, players can equip total 4 allies which include the vanguard, advisor, mentor and goddess. the vanguard function is promote main card might, the advisor function is promote main card strategy, the mentor function is provide main card HP, the goddess function is promote morale, the higher fuse level the more morale when start the battle.
-Consume essence and soul stone to upgrade weapons, every time upgrade weapons can promote force, intelligence and troops to enhance fighting capabilities.
-Fuse your weapons, add unwanted weapons as material to promote passive skills level.
-Forge, click the “Forge” button to enhance and upgrade each troop.
-Add four different runes for your cards to promote specified attributes.

{ Power Up Event }
Players whose power rank reaches to specified amount will be rewarded corresponding rewards.
-5000 power rank: 50000 essences, energy*10
-10000 power rank: 100000 essences, energy*20
-15000 power rank: 150000 essences, energy*30
-20000 power rank: 200000 essences, energy*40
-25000 power rank: 250000 essences, energy*50
-30000 power rank: 300000 essences, energy*60
You have until the November 19th (UTC) to join this event, rewards will be sent after event finished.
Let’s fight!