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LINE Wind Soul Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

What kind of game is LINE Wind Soul?
LINE Wind Soul is a real-time strategy RPG with beautiful 3D graphics, rich characters, and dynamic action. Collect Heroes and Summon Beasts and fight to  save the world of Crystallos!

How is LINE Wind Soul played?
The player controls 1 Hero and up to 5 Summon Beasts. The Hero can be moved forward and backward by pressing the corresponding side of the screen, and skills can be activated by tapping the skill buttons.
Winning battles will depend on the player's ability to tactically move the Hero during combat, calling the right Summon Beasts, and using the most suitable skills for each situation and enemy type.
Players can not only summon their own Beasts but also call in Beasts owned by their LINE Friends and in-game friends!

What are Rubies?
Rubies are an in-game currency used to purchase special Items as well as to draw from the Gacha. You can also use Rubies to continue the game from the game over screen without going back to the beginning.
Rubies can be purchased from the shop or received in-game in a variety of ways.

What are Support Items?
Support Items are Items that you can purchase to help you in- game.
- Stamina Full Recovery: recover all Stamina.
- Summon Beast Bag +7 Slots: Increase Summon Beast Bag capacity by 7.
- Equipment Bag+7 Slots: Increase Equipment Bag capacity by 7.
- Skill Bag +7 Slots: Increase Skill Bag capacity by 7.

What is the Premium Gacha?
The Premium Gacha is where you can spend Rubies to get new Summon Beasts!
- You can play the Premium Gacha once for 25 Rubies.
- You can play the Premium Gacha 10 times and get one bonus play for a total of 11 for the price of 250 Rubies.

It is possible to get the same Summon Beast multiple times from the Gacha.

What is Gold?
Gold is an in-game currency that is used to enhance and evolve Summon Beasts, Equipment and Skills. It is also used when EX Enhancing Summon Beasts.
It is not possible to purchase Gold using Rubies, but you will be able to get it during gameplay.

What is Equipment?
Equipments are Weapons, Clothings and Pets that you can equip to your characters. To see the details for every character, go to the Hero menu on the bottom left corner of the screen.

What are Summon Beasts?
Summon Beasts are characters that will follow and support your Hero during the battle. You can set up a maximum of 5 Beasts for every game.
There are 5 types of Summon Beasts, every type with different special attributes. Depending on the type of enmity you may need to assemble one particular group of Beasts or another.
Summon Beasts are creatures that you can also enhance and evolve to make them more powerful during the game.

*Skills used by Boss Characters that appear in Event Dungeons are only activated when such characters appear in the game. Take note that even if you obtain such characters as Summon Beast rewards from the Premium Gacha, the displayed abilities may differ.  

What is Enhancing?
You can enhance a Summon Beast by using Gold and a different Beast that functions as an Enhance Material.
There are 6 classes of enhancement (From D to SS), each of which allows you to level up your Beasts to a different maximum level.
- Class SS: up to Lv.99
- Class S: up to Lv.70
- Class A: up to Lv. 40
- Class B: up to Lv. 20
You can get 1.5 times as much EXP by using an Enhance Material of the same type as the Beast that is to be enhanced.

What is Evolving?
You can evolve a Summon Beast by using Gold  and an Evolution Material called Runestones. Depending on the Summon Beast, you will need a different type and number of Runestones to evolve.

What are Runestones?
Runestones are items that are used to evolve Summon Beasts. You can make  a Runestone by collecting100 Runestone Fragments of the same type. You can make a Master Runestone by collecting 100 Runestones.

What is EX Enhancing?
You can improve the abilities of a Summon Beast if you have 2 more of the same Beast.
You can EX enhance a Summon Beast up to 10 times.
Please note that using Gold is necessary for EX enhancing.

What are Skills?
Skills are techniques that Heroes can use during battle. Like Summon Beasts, Skills can be enhanced and evolved to increase their stats.
You can level up a Skill to a maximum of Lv. 20

What is the User Level?
The User Level is the player's general level represented on the upper left corner of the screen. Every time you level up, your Stamina will be restored and your maximum Stamina will increase.

What is Stamina?
Stamina is needed to play the Exploration Mode, Battle Mode and Event Dungeons.
1 Stamina is recovered every 3 minutes.

What are Missions?
Missions are various tasks that you can take on while you play the game. Clearing Missions will grant you different rewards depending on the difficulty of the Mission. There are 4 different kinds of Missions with different type of tasks and rewards: Main Missions, Sub-Missions, Event Missions and Daily Missions.

What is the Story Mode?
The Story Mode is the game mode in which you can experience the main storyline of LINE Wind Soul as you proceed through the game. There are three levels of difficulty in this mode: Normal, Hard and Hell. Clear an Act in order to play it on a harder difficulty.

What is the Battle Mode?
There are two different game modes inside the Battle mode: Event Dungeons and Challenges.
In Event Dungeons you will find Stages that have different rewards depending on the day and time you play them.
In Challenges you will have to clear the Stages in order and compete against your friends to see who can clear more Stages during one week. Every Monday rankings are reset at between 12am and 12pm, and rewards are delivered depending on the ranking you achieved.

What are "Friend Points"?
Friend Points are points gotten when you send and receive Hearts to your in-game friends. Also, the more you send and receive, the higher your Friend EXP will climb, and that will increase the number of Friend Points that you can receive too. The Friend EXP bar is displayed next to your friend in the LINE and Game Friends tab. Send a heart, and you'll get 2 Friend Points. When you receive a Heart, you'll get from 10 to 30 Friend Points, depending on your Friend EXP.
Friend Points are needed to draw the F.P. Machine.
- No cap is applied to the number of Friend Points you can own.

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