Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nice Shot Golf Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

What is Nice Shot Golf?

Nice shot is a 3D simulation interactive golf game where players battle to win and be the best golfer. Complete all the stages and compete with other players as you play your way to stardom.

Character Creation

Before you start playing Nice Shot Golf, you must first create your own character.

The game allows you to design your own character. From choosing a gender to selecting a face, hair and skin color. You can also choose to create a randomly designed character by tapping the Random button. Once you are satisfied with the appearance of your character, tap the Create Button.

Naming your character

Creating a name in this game has a few restrictions. You need to input at least 2 to 14 numbers of characters composing of letters only. If you are able to meet the condition and satisfied with the name of your choice, tap the Select button.

Learn to Play Golf

Before you can play golf normally, you need to start first with a tutorial. So the first place that you will be visiting is the Beginner’s Island. In this island, you will be learning some tips and tricks in playing golf and other basic stuff.


When taking a shot, you must first learn how to use the power gauge.

Golf ball icon – Tap it to set the energy on your power gauge. The power decision is to set the aim of accuracy.

Power Gauge - The bar that is located below measures the power exerted when the golf club swings.

Stage Select Mode

Complete missions to unlock new stages and compete with new bosses. More challenging modes and stages will be unlocked for every victory starting from Beginner’s Island to Romantic Island and so on. There are also hidden stages that will unlock if all requirements in each stage are met.

Story Mode

Before you reach the final level, you must first go through all islands in sequence. Each Island has bosses, so before you finish an island you must first beat the boss of that island.

PVP mode

This mode allows you to battle players in real time. You can play with your friends and other people globally. There are also different match modes to choose from.

3- Hole Match
Compete with other players online in a 3-man battle.
9- Hole Match
Compete with high level players in a 9-man battle.
Friendly Match
Play against either your friends over SNS or your in-game friends.

Match mission

There are also missions available in PVP mode, and you can only finish each mission once per day.


From here, you can view the top global players of Nice Shot Golf. You can also check your own rank and your friend’s.

Match Result

Displays the match results between other Golf players.

Sub Missions

Each level has its own set of sub missions. Each of these missions is equivalent to 1 star. In order to get the reward from these missions, you must be able to meet its conditions.

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