Monday, November 16, 2015

Starlight Legend Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Stat Breakdown

HP: Total Health Point of the character
MP: Total Mana Point of the character

PATK: Character's Physical Attack Value
PDEF: Character's Physical Defense Value
MATK: Character's Magic Attack Value
MDEF: Character's Magic Defense Value

DMG:  True damage of your character
DEF: True defense of your character
Crit: Critical Hit Chance Value
Crit Def: Critical Hit Defense  Value

Hit: Hit Rate of the character
Dodge: Evasion rate of the character
Move: Movement speed of the character
Jump: Jumping Height of the character

Pet system

1. You can obtain a pet from epic summon or legendary summon
2. You can also obtain a pet if you collect a certain amount of pet fragments
3.Player can perform Elite Summon from a Altar Capsule
4.1 Free Epic Summon will be given daily

5. Pet cannot be of higher level than player, or player will be overrule by pet and data will be eaten up
6. Pet will perform different skill according to the formation
7. Player can obtain all the pets but only bring certain amount of pets to battle

Function system

Character: View character stat details and current equipments

Skill: View skill in details, level up a skill, re-arrange skills order

Bag: View all obtained items in bag

Salvage: Enhance equipments level,  smelt equipments

Altar: To summon pets and pets consumables

Pet: View current pets stat, level up a pet, re-arrange pet formation.
 Astrology: To summon star and equip to boost character overall stat
 Exchange: exchange low level consumables to higher level consumables
 Friends: View Friends status
 Ranking: View ranking table
 Guild: View  guild features
 Taxi: Transport to a selected location
 Mail: View your character In-game mail
 Picture: Take photo of your character

Setting: Adjust game settings and character's display picture & emoticon.

Astrology System

1.Player can perform Advanced Summon from a star book
2. 1 Free Extreme summon will be given daily
3. Player cannot equip 2 star of the same type
4. Higher rarity star will automatically consume lower rarity star if merge
5.Quick Fuse will cause all star to be consume by the highest rarity star on hand

Advanced Summon - will get you a primary level star
Extreme Summon - will get up to yellow/gold star
10 times Summon - will guarantee to get a yellow or gold star


Pros: Very tanky, able to solo mode for very long time, decent attack and defense
Cons: melee character, bad in escaping

Pros: Highest attack among the 3 classes, abilities to case status skill
Cons: very low defense, lack of AoE skills

Pros: Great AoE skills, other classes had lower resistance against magic attack
Cons: Long cold down of spells, low defense

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