Monday, November 30, 2015

Redcliff Arena Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Redcliff Arena. The 10 daily must-do:
1. After login to Redcliff Arena, claim the gift for daily login.
2. Complete daily task
3. Start battle in campaign
4. Collect your free passes in Feast event every 12:00 & 18:00
5. Enter Kingdom Arena Boat everyday at 20:00
6. Get free draw at Tavern 5 times per day.
7. Enter Nation war and get free coins and rations
8. Enter Arena and get free Jade of honour and gold
9. Exchange item at Pagoda's store
10. Check out the events!

Some tips about Redcliff Arena
1. Player can be login through Facebook account, or else player can create a new account and provide mobile phone number. In future, player can use this phone number for top-up purpose if necessary.
2. After login to Redcliff Arena, player can choose preferred language : Chinese, English or Bahasa Indonesia.
3. Next, player will go through a part of story introduction, and it will lead you to start playing.
4. Players are requested to choose the country. For instance, if you are playing with your friends, you and your friends can choose the same country. If players choose the country which suggested by system will get extra 50 golds.
5. Players can either set your own character name or select the random nickname generated by system. As a side note, there is no changes allowed after setting your
6. Once enter the game, players will go through a part of story introduction and follow instructions given to enter the Champaign.
7. After the first victory in Champaign, players can go to Tavern for free swap value pack to release Xiao Qiao General, it's easy to get two beloved Generals! Besides that, Xiao Qiao will also give out a <Enfeeble> Spell Card For Masters!
8. Players have to deploy Xiao Qiao in formation in order to fight against the Yellow Turban Invasion. Remember to equip your spell card to increase power of combat.
9. If players win the battle, players will get upgrade materials, equipment, EXP bottle, and other materials. Generals will also gain exp in victory.