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Minimon Masters Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

What are Crystals?
 Crystals are Minimon Masters in-game paid cash.

 Crystals can be used to purchase characters, equipment, gold, holy water, housing items etc.

What is Gold?
 Gold is a basic Minimon Masters currency.

 Gold can be used to purchase functional items or to upgrade/evolve/disassemble characters.
 You can either purchase it or get it as a reward.

What is Holy Water?
 Holy Water is a special item needed in Adventure mode.

 Each stage consumes 2 Holy Waters. Every [10 min] 1 Holy Water is made.

What is Scale?
 Scale is a special item needed for Envoy's Book, Tower of Champs, Arena and Raid Festival.

 Scale:  -5 Scales are consumed in Envoy's Book.
          - 1 Scale is consumed in Tower of Champs, Arena and Raid Festival.
          - Every [10 min] 1 Scale is made.

What is Housing?
 Housing is a system that allows you to decorate the Lobby.
 Housing items can be acquired in game (icons) or purchased through the store (skins).

What is Auto repetition?
 Through Auto repetition you can easily go through the same stage.
 This option may be used starting from Level 20. You will be able to choose the conditions (multiple  choice allowed).

Manage Team
Here you can set team members for Adventure mode, manage characters and equipment.

① Team set:  Here team set can be changed and team level can be viewed.
- You can purchase extra team sets with crystals.
② Attributes: Touch to see the attributes layout

③ View details: view detailed stats.

④ Team formation: check your team formation and basic stats
(You can put up to 1 Hero and 3 Minimons on your team)
⑤ Possessed characters: You can view Heroes and Minimons that you possess

[Character detailed info]

① Grade/Name: Here you can view grade, name and upgrade stage
② Type/Attribute/Mater: Here you can check type, attribute of your character and find out whether it is has reached max level
③ Story/Evolution info: Touch to check character's story and evolution information

④ Skills: Info about Skills and Ultimate Skill
   (Touch to view details)

⑤ Soul Stone: Check equipped Soul stone          
⑥ Detailed info: Level / Exp / Stats / Equipped Equipment                
⑦ Upgrade: Takes you to Upgrade screen              
⑧ Evolution: Takes you to Evolution screen (Available when Max level, Max upgrade stage is reached)                
- Evolution is divided into Mutant evolution (6 star evolution) and Regular evolution (5 stars and lower), icon changes depending on your hero grade                  
(Mutant evolution)   (Regular evolution)                
⑨ Equipment: Takes you to equipment screen          
⑩ Soul Stone: Takes you to Soul stone screen                    
⑪ Evolution stone: Takes you to Evolution stone screen                  
⑫ Sell: Press to sell characters and receive Gold (Main hero and currently used characters cannot be sold)          
⑬ Leader: Choose the Leader character (Minimons are excluded)                  
           - Leader hero thumbnail is shown in Lobby and various screens          
           - Your friends will use Leader as their Helper              
⑭ Compare: Compare stats of possessed characters            
⑮ Join party: Selected hero can join the team      

◆ Upgrade
- Use possessed characters as material to boost stats.                
- Max upgrade figures vary depending on grade.                  
- The amount of Gold needed depends on character grade and upgrade stage.            
- Upgrade is not always successful, the higher the grade of material the higher is success rate.                
- If the grade is the same for the character you are upgrading and material character, Upgrade will be 100% successful.                
- Characters with higher grade cannot be used as materials.

① Material list: List of possessed characters available to be used as materials (Touch to choose materials)                
② Character to upgrade: Thumbnail of character you are about to upgrade          
③ Material: Thumbnail of a character used as material                
④ Upgrade results: Check stats change after the Upgrade          
⑤ Success Rate / Cost: Check Success Rate and Cost of the Upgrade                  
⑥ Start Upgrade: Touch to start Upgrade

[Upgrade Results]        
- If you succeed you will be able to check stats before and after the Upgrade.
- If you fail you will receive Upgrade points.
(Accumulated points raise success rate for the next Upgrade)  

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