Friday, October 23, 2015

League Of Underworld Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Wings System: 
1. Feather heart or diamond can be used to upgrade wings;
2. Have chance to get double EXP or tenfold EXP when making INJECT with Feather Heart;
3. Have chance to get double, tenfold or twentyfold EXP, and little chance to upgrade swings directly when making Inject with diamond;
4. There are 5 free times to make Inject with diamonds. (Reset at 3:00am daily)
How To Get Feather Heart?
1. Fairy Land: Clear Wolf Manor stage to unlock Fairy Land for abundant feather hearts
2. Death Tower: Clear tower stage to get feather heart;
3. Shop: You’re able to buy 20 feather hearts with 4k coins in the shop.

How to top up?
1. Click [Top-up/Recharge] at left side in game;
2. Click to buy gem after entering top-up interface. VIP level based on the gem amount you bought. But free gems won’t be counted to VIP credits.
3. Select a payment method: Google Play or Other payment methods (Visa/Master Card, Molpoint, Paypal, Mycard, DIGI etc.);
4. Select your country if using third-party payment methods;
5. Select your method to top up.

New Server Event 1: Participate In Event For Endless Grand Gifts!
How To Get: Click Activity in top corner of game.
1. Great online gifts! Enter the game and keep online for certain time to get rich rewards.
2. Wings for login 2 days, pet for login 4 days, VIP1+1st top-up rewards for login 7 days, Month Card for login 14 days; and free diamonds for every day!
3. Come and join the challenge ranking activity after server opens. Rich items, rare equip, plenty diamonds and coins are waiting for you!
4. Finishing daily activeness and achievement tasks earns you diamonds and other splendid gifts.
5. Daily feast: big meals in daily 12:00-14:00, 18:00-20:00; 50 VIT for every player!
6. POW rank in the first 7 days after server opens: When activity ends, the top 30 players of POW rank can get rewards. Power will finally decide who can stand on the top of underworld!

New Server Event 2: Nice Top-up Gifts Enable You To Dominate Underworld!
How To Get: Click Event in top corner of game.
1. 1st top up any amount for your role: Get abundant rewards (200k coins, 100 VIT, 200 diamonds, 2000 Feather Hearts, Shiny Heirloom Weapon), activate free Auto-fighting and gain 20 more diamonds from daily sign in!
2. Luxury gifts for weekly 1st top up: Top up any amount for luxury gifts! Top up any amount for Lock Rune*2, Enhance Roll*1, Feather Heart*1000, coin*100k, diamond*100!
3. 600% rebate from Invest fund: Buy fund with 1000 diamonds and we will totally return you 6088 diamonds as your level up.
4. Great top-up rebate, 5500k coins at most! It’s reset at 24:00 every day; top up certain amount of diamonds for certain items!
If you have any questions or difficulties in game, feel free to contact our Customer Service Team and we will handle for you as soon as possible.

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