Friday, October 23, 2015

Katy Perry Pop Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How do I change my look?
Tap on the smartphone and open the Customize app. You can change your look there.  Select the type of item that you want to change (hair, top, shoes, etc.) and select an item on the right side.  If you own it, you will change into it automatically. If you don't you need to purchase the item.

How do I meet NPCs?
Talk to NPCs in the game. If the NPC likes you, you can add them as a contact and call them to help you with your music. If they don't like you,  you can charm them or ask them again

How do I travel to another city?
Tap on the smartphone and then open the Travel app. This app will show you what locations you can travel to and how expensive they are.

Help! I'm out of money!
If you are out of money, you can tap on the smartphone and open the store app. You can purchase coins or gems through the store. Otherwise, you can open the Offer Wall app and watch a video for a reward.

How do I get more energy?
You can wait for your energy to be replenished or you can tap on the smartphone and open the store. You can purchase energy packs for gems.

How do I get friends?
Log in through Facebook and your Facebook friends who are also playing will be added to your contact list.

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