Saturday, October 24, 2015

League of Gods Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Learning Skills
Learning upgrade skill costs Guild Contributions and coins.
The higher the role's level is, The higher The upper limit of Training skill level

Manager Bonus
Guild Leader and 4 vice-masters' all upgrade skill levels +2. Official's all Training skill levels +1

If you recruit heros for the first time, the corresponding fame requirements should be met

When you have on purple 4-star hero, if you recruit another orange hero, you will gain an purple 1-star general.

When you hove an orange 4-star hero, if you recruit another orange hero, you will gain on orange 1-star general.

Heros not in battle can be putted into aid slots.
The aid slots will give all The fighting units extra stats depends on hero's evolution level.

Aid slots will open and upgrade according to the player's Tame.
Aid slots have 5 color White, Blue, Purple, Orange, Pink] qualities.
An aid slots color determines The highest quality of the hero can be putted in.

Topping up 1 Gold will gain 1 growth
Use Noble Cord To achieve lots of Growth Value, which increases daily in Noble Time
Growth Value decides Noble Privilege Level. Growth Value of non-Noble will also accumulate. Growth Value becomes valid when you become Noble

1. Cash Coupon Store will close down in 5 days after the Event ends.
2. Unused Cash Coupons will be transferred into Coins of the rate of 1 Cash Coupon 5000 Coins and sent in Mail.

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