Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sword and Fairy 3D Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to get Golds
1. Recharge could obtain unlimited Golds.
2. First clearance of plot dungeon will give a great amount of Golds reward.
3. Increase Mount Tzu's Swordfight ranking to receive a great deal of Golds.
4. Challenging Celestial Sword will give Golds reward.
5. Every weekend's give away games could earn little Golds.

How to get Coins
1. Treasure Vase daily free coins, and may use a little Golds to quickly exchange with coins.
2. Challenge plot dungeons will give infinite coins.
3. Completing daily tasks could give a great deal of coins.
4. Event dungeons every Thursday & Sunday enabled great amount of coins mode.
5. In stage challenge arena, quiz 8- final rewards give plenty of coins.
6. In a sword spirit, using spirit aura or Golds would exchange some coins.

How to get Stamina
1. Main menu, press + at back of stamina can directly buy stamina.
2. Daily noon, evening, may obtain free full recharge of stamina from Celestial Sword Inn.
3. Complete daily tasks will give a little stamina potion.
4. Activate specific Sword Spirit will increase max stamina storage.

How to get Endurance
1. Can purchase endurance potion from Gold Mail.
2. Complete daily tasks to obtain a little endurance potion.

How to get Companions
1. Companions could be obtained from recruiting, time limited recruitment.
2. Gather specified amount of souls in the Companion - Soul interface to exchange for companions.

How to get Souls
1. Challenge adventure - Devil Slaying BOSS to obtain specified companion soul.
2. Use keepsake to exchange for wanted companion soul from travel merchant, intermediate keepsake can only exchange for purple soul, elite keepsake exchange for orange soul
3. Decompose blue, purple companions to receive intermediate or elite keepsakes.

How to get Guardian
1. At the Stage Challenge's Merit Exchange Shop to exchange for Guardian's item and Nv Wa's Stone for Guardian's evolution.
2. Adventuring Alchemy to receive a great deal of Gold Venom, that is used to increase Guardian's skill etc.

How to get Gears
1. Clearing plot dungeons could receive most of the blue gears and gear fragments of purple & above.
2. Exchange-Gear Exchange could use amethyst, amber to exchange for purple & orange gear fragments.

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