Friday, October 23, 2015

Guild of Honor Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

1. Guild of Honor introduction
Guild of Honor is a unique fantasy RPG which lets you experience the best strategy game and adventure. Recruit a collection of Unit Members and unite them to create the highly esteemed ‘Guild of Honor’. Enhance, Reincarnate and Evolve your Unit Members to make them strong enough to protect the Earth. Collect weapons and equipment to receive greater rewards.

2. Plot
The Earth is threatened with the invasion of dark forces that plan to conquer the world. Hellshade, the evil entity that unleashed the army of dark forces from Pandemonium has wrought untold chaos and destruction. It is all up to our brave warriors to set upon a journey to protect the forces of Light by awakening the superior warriors called Patron Gods.

Join our brave Knights, Archers and Mages to fight off Hellshade and his army of dark forces. Set upon a conquest to find Guild members and awaken the Patron Gods that can save the Earth from evil.

3. Hero Classes
a. Knight – Symbolizes the Sword and Shield of the Empire, fighting to defend mankind. Knights specialize in physical attacks and can defend allies in the battlefield. A Knight can also endure far more damage than other classes. Equip him with the best weapon and shield and have him stand in the frontlines to fight the army of dark forces.

b. Archer – Equipped with a bow and arrow, Archers can hit approaching enemies with accuracy from afar. They can shoot enemies that are coming towards your party with near impunity as long as you protect them from harm.

c. Mage – Wise and well-versed in magic spells of the Empire, Mages can fight enemies and support allies using their extensive knowledge of the arcane arts. Bring Mages into your fold to keep the masses of the opponent forces at bay.

4. Adventure and Quest
Follow the story and complete each dungeon to collect SoulStones. SoulStone fragments, when combined together, will awaken the Patron Gods. Each dungeon has its own Elemental property: Water, Fire and Wind. Choose the Unit members that are best suited for the area. Defeat the boss of each dungeon and collect SoulStones.

5. Multiple Characters
Collect and build your party to start the Adventure. You may deploy up to 8Unit Members and use their active and/or passive skills in the battle. Unlock all slots of the party by meeting the required conditions. Unit Members have their own specialties in different fields of combat.

a. Defensive – As the name suggests, these units are designed for defending the party and have a great emphasis on their defense stats. Defensive members can hold out against stronger enemies and endure incoming attacks.

b. Offensive – Offensive types can deal great damage through physical attacks. They can penetrate and break the defense of the enemy. But they can also fall just as fast as their enemies if left unprotected.

c. Ranged – Unit Members that can shoot from behind and from afar. They can support the Defensive type Units in terms of attack.

d. Magic – Armed with powerful offensive spells. A Magic type can support unit members from behind by shooting deadly magic at enemies.

e. Healing – Members that can heal and restore your party’s Health and Mana. They can also give buffs to boost the attack or defense of your members.

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