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Temple Gate: Soul of Evil Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to build skill of Warrior

Warrior, symbol of high HP and high defense, who is the one to protect his teammate, but which doesn’t mean he is lacking in attacking power. Before fighting, warrior would better take good use of ‘Fanatic’ skill to increase his output and survival ability, and use ‘Charge’ skill to control enemies. What’s more, ‘Sweep’ could help to destroy enemies’ formation. Plus, equipment with strength attribute is helpful to Warriors.

Here is an example for how to build Warriors’ skills:
Active Skills:
Charge: Lv.1, Sweep: Lv.10, Tread: Lv.10, Fanatic: Lv.10
Passive Skills:
War blade: Lv.3, Guardian: Lv.3, Life gift: Lv.3, Fight will: Lv.3, Survive: Lv.3, Courageous: Lv.3, Block: Lv.1

How to build skill of Assassin

Assassin is especially good at raiding enemy by appearing surprisingly around them, so Assassin skill is essential for Assassins. Plus, passive skills of protecting is much helpful also. What’s more, AGI equipment is the good choice for Assassins.

Here is an example for how to build Assassins’ skills:
Active Skills:
Repel: Lv.10, Assassin: Lv.10, Defense: Lv.10, Soul break: Lv.3
Passive Skills:
Dodge: Lv.3, Cold: Lv.3, Chill: Lv.3, Sneak: Lv.2, Advance: Lv3, Venom: Lv3.

How to build skill of Ranger

Ranger’s passive skills are much more powerful than other Characters’, so making full use of them would be much helpful, and also don’t forget to move frequently to control your enemies and use normal attack to kill them. Equipment with AGI attribute is perfect match for Rangers. Plus, Ranger is with the highest Critical, cooperate with Warriors will make fight easier.

Here is an example for how to build Rangers’ skills:
Active Skills:
Ice bolt: Lv.1, Frost bolt: Lv.8, Hunter: Lv.10
Passive Skills:
Parry: Lv.3, Avoid: Lv.3, Swift: Lv.3, Lasso: Lv.3, Strong: Lv.9, Mighty: Lv.3, Eagle eye: Lv.3, Pierce: Lv3, Bolt shade: Lv.1

How to build skill of Knight

Knight has many different kind of gameplay, different passive skills give you different fighting experience, so here we only recommend you some active skills, passive skills all up to you!
Active Skills: Holy Hack: Lv.10, Frozen crown: Lv.1, Reprimand: Lv.1, Ice reaid: Lv.1

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