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Dragon Story: Harvest Moon Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game


Caring for dragons is fun and rewarding, but dragons can be complex creatures. If you have questions about raising dragons and tending your Dragon Isles, this page can help you out. There are several important aspects to raising dragons: Hatching Eggs, Building Habitats, Collecting Coins, Farms and Feeding, and Clearing the Islands.

Hatching Eggs
All dragons come from eggs. Big eggs. You're going to need a Nest. Don't worry though, you start with one on your islands. Here's how to get and hatch a new dragon egg.
Step 1: tap on the Market.
Step 2: tap on Dragons.
Step 3: choose the dragon you want. In the Market you see how the dragons look as babies. How they look as they grow is a mystery.
Step 4: once you've chosen your dragon, you need to tap an empty nest on your island to put the egg in.
Step 5: it will take some time for the egg to incubate in the nest. You can choose to finish now, or come back when it's done.
Step 6: when the egg is ready, it will be marked for you. Tap it and see your new baby dragon!
Your new dragon will need a habitat to live in before you can take it out of the nest, so read on.

Building Habitats
Dragons need habitats to live in, but different dragons need different environments to grow. Each dragon has one or more colors. You can see these colors (represented by colored gems) under a dragon when picking one from the market. Habitats also have colors. You need to match the dragon to a habitat with the same color when moving it out of the nest.
For example: A Fire Dragon is red. It can only live in a Red Rocks or Big Red Rocks habitat.
A Forest Dragon is green. It can only live in a Green Grove or Big Green Grove habitat. It won't like the hot Red Rocks habitat, so you can't place it there.
Some dragons have more than one color. For example, a Life Dragon is both red AND green. You can see both colored gems next to it. You can put a Life Dragon into a Red Rocks habitat OR a Green Grove habitat.
Building a new habitat is easy.
Step 1: tap on the Market.
Step 2: tap on Habitats.
Step 3: choose the habitat you want. Remember to pay attention to the color you need.
Step 4: drag the habitat to where you'd like to place it. Then tap the green check mark.
It will take a little bit of time to build the new habitat. You can choose to finish now, or come back when it's done.
Once a dragon is placed in a habitat, you can check on that dragon by tapping your habitat, then tapping the dragon's picture from among the buttons on the bottom.

Collecting Coins
For raising dragons in habitats, you earn coins. These coins build up over time, and you can collect them from the habitats. Each dragon in the habitat contributes to the earnings. The earnings build up every second, but each habitat has a coin capacity (a "cap") that it can hold. Once the habitat earns this much, it will stop getting more coins until you come and collect. Then the dragons in the habitat will continue earning coins again. That means it's a good idea to collect often!
To see a habitat's coin capacity, tap the habitat and then tap info.

Farms and Feeding
Dragons start as babies (level 1), but you can feed them so they grow stronger. Every 5 feedings, and the dragon will gain a level. When it does, it earns more money per hour! Feeding your dragons is a great investment.
Dragons also grow and change appearance at certain levels, so feed them to see how they evolve!
Food doesn't grow on trees though - it grows from farms! To get more food from farms, follow these steps.
Step 1: tap on your Farm.
Step 2: you'll see a selection of magic foods. Pick the one you want based on the cost and the time.
Step 3: it will take time for the food to grow. You can choose to finish now, or wait for it to finish growing.
Step 4: once ready, the farm will be marked for you. Tap it to collect your food. You can see your total food at the top of the screen.
To feed your dragon, tap a habitat then tap the dragon's picture that you want to feed. Then tap the feed button and watch it eat! Each tap of the feed button takes food. As your dragon grows stronger it will need larger amounts of food for each feeding.
You start with one farm, but if you'd like more you can buy them from the Market, in the Buildings section.

Clearing the Islands
The islands have been covered in trees, rocks, and dangerous mushmold. To make room for your new habitats, farms, and other buildings, you need to clear these things away. You can tap on a tree, rock, or mushmold fungus and see the how many coins it takes to clear it. Once you tap the clear button, it will take time to remove the foliage.
Some areas of the island are dark. Before you can clear these areas and build there, you need to expand. You can either tap the Expand signs around the island or tap Market, then Expand. Each expansion will require coins and Mystic Maps - don't want to head into the dark areas without some guidance! You can get Mystic Maps by asking your neighbors or purchasing them with Gold. The exploration will require some time to finish the expansion, but you can hurry it along with Gold.
That should be enough to get you started and raising happy dragons! There are many other fun things to explore in Dragon Story, including playing with others. If you're interested in details about these features, please read the sections below..

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