Friday, September 25, 2015

Sky Blade HD Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Stats Description

  • Attack: Decide how much mystic damage each attack can deal
  • Defense: Reduce suffered mystic damage
  • HP: the higher the HP the better the survival ability
  • Hit: The higher the hit. the lower the chance to miss
  • Dodge: The higher the dodge, the higher the chance to avoid attack
  • Crit: The higher the crit, the higher the chance to trigger crit with normal attack
  • Toughness: Reduce enemies’ chance to trigger crit
  • Damage Reduction: Reduce all suffered damage
  • 5 Elemental Attack: Decide how much gold, wood. water, fire and earth damage you can deal
  • 5 Elemental Defense: Reduce suffered 5-elemental damage
  • 5 Elemental Damage: Deal bonus 5 elemental damage

Events that will help you gain rewards and improve your character

First Recharge Regal Pack!
Recharge random amount to gain sage light artifact

Login Payback Pack
Rewards are prepared. New characters can collect them daily
Event Time: The first 30 days

Level Pack
Players reaching the following levels can win the following reward
to enjoy more privileges
Event Time: Eternal

Exchange Pack
Enter exchange code and tap to collect the reward
Event Time: Eternal