Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Luna Chronicles Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

1. Ally Enhance
Use material allies to enhance another ally.
The Enhance Gauge's increase will differ according to the grade of the material ally and the ally to be enhanced.
When the Enhance Gauge is filled up, the Enhance Level will increase by 1.
Max Enhance Levels differ according to the ally's grade.
Allies at Max Enhance Level are available for Ally Combine, Evolve, and Awaken.

2. Ally Evolve
Use Ally Gems to increase the grade of an ally at Level 30 and Max Enhance Level by 1.
The required Ally Gem's grade will differ according to the evolving ally's grade.

3. Ally Combine
Use 2 identical allies at Max Enhance Levels for Ally Combine.
When combining, you will acquire 1 new ally of the same grade.
You cannot combine 6 Star Allies.

4. Ally Awaken
Use Premium Ally Gems to awaken a 6 Star Ally at Level 30 and Max Enhance Level.
The Awakened Ally will become significantly more powerful and 1 additional Skill Book slot will open.

5. Ally Transcend
Raises up to 2 levels by using identical allies.
You'll gain a higher range of stats when you level up beyond Level 30 after transcending.

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