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DragonSoul Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game


The trader has 6 item slots that gets refreshed 3 times daily. For 50 diamonds, you can refresh earlier though not the best idea unless you are buying thousands of Diamonds. The green and blue gear that is sold is amazingly cost effective. It is often worth it to buy any Blue Gear or Green Gear that you have less than 5 duplicates of. 800-2600 gold for an item that may elude you for 5-10 runs is worthwhile. The Hero Soul Pieces for 40 Diamonds is worthwhile for any VIP player as it is a quicker way to net yourself 2 Star or 3 Star monsters. After 5 to 6 refreshes in energy you'll find that you still may only get 1 Hero Piece from a full refill that cost you 200 Diamonds.


It's recommended to do all the quests daily. This is basically rewarding you for doing the activities you should be doing daily anyways. Alchemy is most of the time worth it for the Team XP alone, but sometimes you may get lucky. For 10 Diamonds you can get anywhere from 23,800 to 119,000 in one roll. Fighting in Fight Pit 3 times is straight forward. There is 10 Campaign Stages, Upgrade 3 Powers, Open 5 Chests. Finally, Completing 3 Elite Stages is something that you NEED to be doing daily.


Aim for all the medals you can get. Medals reward you for clearing the campaign and doing various other activities. Doing the 3 Elite dungeon medals to earn a Hero soul stone is one of the most effective things to do. Not only do you get blue and green rewards, you can earn Soul stones in the dungeon AND then get one for completing it 3x anyways. Very fast way to earn your new Hero's or 2 Star existing! You also get Diamonds just for completing Campaign stages and Elite Stages.


The Fight Pit is one of the best ways to earn Diamonds, Gold, and Hero Pieces. It is a great way to showcase your diversity in Hero selection and choices in upgrading Power. To level up a rank in Copper division it takes 6 hours of being in the top 5. For Bronze division it takes 12 hours in the top 5. Each time you increase a Tier you net rewards, and every 24 hours at 11:30 pm server time (Check event in case your time zone is considered) you get Daily rewards for being in each Division. The higher the Division, the better the rewards.


How you spend your energy is going to be the most important thing in the game. The more VIP level you have the more you can refresh your energy using diamonds. VIP 4 to 6 seem like a sweet spot because the refills start costing 200 Diamonds after the 5th time. I highly recommend to plan out your Elite dungeon grind (aim to complete Medals first), then target highest level areas that will give you items you need for Promotion (filling the 6 slots on a character). If there is a place that can net you 2 useful items rather than 1, farm the spot with 2. You have plenty of time between resets and refills to research which places will secure you the most gear. Be careful of farming low level stuff too much as some mini zones (2 towers between the 3 star castle areas) may include the drops you need but not be listed as an "Obtained from" location.


Every Hero Starts off at either 1 Star or 2 Star ranking. You can evolve your Heroes as you progress from 1 Star to 2 Star onward. Your Hero has experience levels, and Promotion Ranks. In the above photo, you can see a Level 1 White Ninja Dwarf. He can get promoted to be Green, or Green+1 like the Cosmic Elf. After Green+1, there is Blue (like Electroyeti, Understudy, and Faith Healer). After Blue, there is Blue+1 like the Brozerker and Centaur. Improving your Heroes Promotion, Evolution, and Level are 3 great ways to improve your teams Power. The last is Powers.

Earn Free Diamonds: Missing Diamonds From The Free Offer Wall (TapJoy)
There can be a small delay on TapJoy’s end when an Offer is completed to when they confirm the Offer as completed, and the Diamonds are credited to your Account.

If you are still waiting for your Diamonds to be credited you will need to contact Tapjoy by taking the following steps:

Tap on Earn Diamonds in-game
On the bottom of the Offer Wall page, tap on the link named 'Missing Diamonds?'
Tapjoy has explained to us that they review all support requests received, and that they can usually handle them within a business day or two.
If you find that you are not receiving any responses from Tapjoy regarding this issue after a few business days, please contact the support in-app by tapping on the ‘?’ button, to access the help menu, then tap on ‘Payment’
Please provide your open Tapjoy ticket number and the exact offer that you completed

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