Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Loot Crate’s Master Summoner Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Depending on how old your device is, our app get too intensive to run since it uses new augmented reality technologies. Quitting out of other apps may help free up your device’s memory so the game can run smoother.

What is AR (Augmented Reality)?

Augmented Reality or AR for short is a technology that allows us to use your smart device’s camera and display to take a real world object and show you 3D digital content on top of your very own Loot Crate box.

How Does AR work?

We have specially configured the image of the box to be utilized by our app letting us display content as if it really existed on your box! You will need the Summon crate in order to activate the AR experience.

I see my camera but the AR experience isn’t working. Nothing shows up. I scanned the box and it doesn’t work?

Be sure to fold your box according to the instructions provided in the app, and get into good lighting. It is also important to make sure the box is not getting too much glare and position your device so you can get a good look at the summoning image (Loot crate logo in center, four gems in the corner and bookmark.) Try to match the on screen overlay with the box to get started.

I’ve lost the AR and it won’t come back.

Be sure to maneuver your device so that you can clearly see the top of the book similar to the overlay and that the lighting conditions are good. If all else fails sometimes exiting to the main tapping game and returning will help with tracking issues.

What is the correct side to view the box in AR?

The Image that allows the AR to be shown is the side of the box with the Loot Crate logo in the center, four gems in the corner and a bookmark. You should see an overlay to help match the image when starting an AR scene.

What does the flashlight (Torch) Icon do? The Flashlight (Torch) icon doesn’t do anything.

If your smart device is equipped with a flash unit you may use it use the Augmented Reality scenes in an area with low light. However many tablets will not be able to utilize this feature as many do not come equipped with an onboard flash.

What do I need to make the AR work?

In order to see AR content you must have access to the special edition Summon box offered by Loot Crate. We may consider releasing a printable compatible image in the future however.

How do you play the game?

Tap the screen for gems, swipe down until the platform is fully charged for a bonus gem multiplier. Use the gems to upgrade gem rewards or “Summon Loot” which unlocks content for your room and Augmented Reality scenes.

Do the characters have names?

The Blue Monster is “The Fool.” The Green Dog Like Monster is “Judgment.” The Orange Flying Monster is “Strength.” The Red Hatted person is the “Summoner”. included in the Loot Crate Magazine are cards depicting the monsters and their names.

How do I charge/power up my character?

In order to charge your character for a gem multiplier swipe downwards until the platform is fully lit and the word “Power-Up!” appears above your character’s head.

How do I unlock augmented reality scenes?

Press the icon in the lower right corner (Icon of a shop). Make sure you have enough gems and use them to “Summon Loot” You will unlock either new content in your room or a new AR Scene.

How do you get back to see unlocked Augmented Reality scenes?

Press the icon in the lower center of the screen (Icon of an Eye). This will bring up a menu to select which scene which you would like to view. If all scenes are locked, try “Summon[ing] Loot” in the shop.

How do I get back to the main game from an AR scene?

Tap the home icon (icon of a house) found in the lower center of the screen.

How many hits does it take to destroy the monster in the City AR scene?

It takes ten direct hits. By the way, there’s no penalty for destroying the rest of the city!

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