Thursday, September 24, 2015

Spellstone Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Spellstone By Kongregate

Why in pvp the opponents only play little cards of their decks?
I always play more and more cards and win games that were lose.
And, only 100 cards to store? Isn't very low?

You can only play 1 card per turn. And currently as it is. Because we go first it does make bounty a bit easy with a 95% win rate if you don't auto attack.
And as for 100 cards to store. You will find that most of those cards will be vaporised to strengthen your deck

Other Tips

- Commons give you full dust back when you vaporize them. So you don’t need to worry about conserving dust on them. If you fuse them, I think you lose 1 point of dust. Basically don’t worry about losing dust on commons!
- on that same token, rares don’t give you quite the same dust back for vaporizing. But, some of them are very strong, and require less dust to upgrade fully than other higher rarity cards.
- The +10 energy has been my favorite item:) If you plan to stay, I think it’s really good.

Bounties give increased gold each PvP rank you go up, so definitely do them as much as possible. Guilds give you a gold bonus % so it’s always good to at least be in one, preferably one that gives you the max of +50% gold. We’ve been told that there will be guild events in the future! But for now it’s mainly just for the gold bonus and socializing.

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